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Red Lion Inn & Suites, 1539 Horseshoe Drive: Late 2020   1 comment

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I last posted about this place in 2008 when it had closed as Travelodge Suites. After that Benedict College had a plan to use it for overflow dorm space but that fell through because of regulatory issues. I had the impression they had actually bought it by that point though I may be wrong.

At any rate, at some point thereafter it opened as Red Lion Inn & Suites, apparently in the 2015 timeframe, though I was unaware of it. The place got pretty mixed reviews on the hotel sites, some of them unsurprising in a building that dates from the 1960s. The last proof I can find of the place being open is a Memorial Day 2020 post on their Facebook page, though a vistor post from the Chamber of Commerce suggests it could have been open into November of 2020.

Written by ted on September 29th, 2021

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Atlantic Bedding & Furniture, 7515 Two Notch Road: September 2021   no comments

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Atlantic is the follow-on operation in this Two Notch storefront to Haverty's. That store closed in early 2018, and according to photos on Google maps, Atlantic opened there in December of the same year.

I have to say, after going into the lot for pictures, that the location is not very easy to get in and out of, especially if you are going East and the lot seems a bit small. Whether any of that is a factor, I don't know.

Given the dates listed on the (plentiful) roadside signs, it appears they want to wrap things up by the end of the month.

(Hat tip to commenter Thomas)

UPDATE 29 September 2021: Missed a picture:


Written by ted on September 27th, 2021

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Regional Finance Loans, 6729 Two Notch Road Suite 120: 2020   no comments

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p1620231_tn.jpg< p1730778_tn.jpg



I believe I first noticed this storefront adjacent to Very's when it was National-something-or-other, but I don't see anything about that in google. As of the start of March 2020, Regional was in the spot. As 2020 was a bad year for people being able to finance things, I'm guessing the knock-on from Covid took them out, but I don't know for sure. At any rate the slot is now open and available.

Written by ted on September 20th, 2021

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New York Hi Style, 6908 Two Notch Road Suite G: Summer 2021 (Moved)   no comments

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This men's clothing store has moved up Two Notch several blocks East, from this strip across from Columbia Mall to a storefront next to Nick's. As far as I can tell, the move came around June of 2021.

Written by ted on September 17th, 2021

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Cloud 9 Braid Bar, 2205 Decker Boulevard Suite A: Spring 2021   no comments

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I don't really have any information on this Decker Boulevard hair salon other than it seems to have been open into the spring of 2021 and got generally good reviews. I thought I might have noted previous business in this storefront, but that appears not to be the case, although several in this strip mall have featured here.

Written by ted on September 15th, 2021

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Palmetto Auto Repair & Performance, 7032 Two Notch Road: 2020   1 comment

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For those of us of a certain age, this building is best know as the home of Continental Sound: That building that looks like a car radio with the "Sounds Real Good!" girl...

Since then it has been a number of things, with this most recent incarnation being an auto repair shop.

Given the street address on the county notice, and the specified size of the lot, I'm not sure if perhaps this property doesn't include the adjacent, defunct, nightclub as well.

Written by ted on September 14th, 2021

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Sally Beauty Supply, 2720 Decker Boulevard Suite B: August 2021   no comments

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Sally Beauty Supply in Fashion Place on Decker has closed. One google review of the place suggested that it was moving to "Garner", which I would take to be Garners Ferry, but I did not see any sign on the door, nor any listing on the company website

However, I do note that the Two Notch location at Sparkleberry Square is still in business.

(Hat tip to commenter Sidney)

Written by ted on September 7th, 2021

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R & R Thrift Store, 6729 Two Notch Road: December 2020   1 comment

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I noticed last time I drove by Very's to see if they were doing dine-in yet that the thrift store in the same Two Notch plaza was gone. Judging by their Facebook, they were open into at least December of last year. I used to stop into places like this all the time to look for old books and records, but both are digital for me these days, so I never did stop here. The full name seems to have been Refreshed & Restored (R&R) Ministries Thrift Store, so I guess they were associated with a church.

Written by ted on April 21st, 2021

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Pep Boys, 2455 Decker Boulevard: May 2021 (Direction Change)   no comments

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Commenter Thomas notes that this location of Pep Boys is transitioning away from auto parts, and into a garage only busines model and is running a closeout sale during the interim.

This turns out to be a chain-wide thing, as the stores have been struggling of late after having been bought out by Carl Ichan five years ago.

According to the linked story, some stores are trying to work a deal for a different parts operation to take over the retail space, but I don't know if that applies to this location. There are already a number of parts stores in the Dentsville area, so I'm not sure how attractive such a deal would be to another chain.

I guess I am the demographic the change is aimed at, as I have never bought parts there, but have had minor work done a number of times. In particular, I found that when I could not get same-day service at places like Goodyear or Firestone for things like punctures, batteries or headlights, this Pep Boys could get me in and out in an hour or so.

(Hat tip to commenter Thomas)

Written by ted on April 19th, 2021

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The Clock Doctor, 7304 Two Notch Road: Early 2021   1 comment

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I know The Clock Doctor has had several locations as I can remember hearing about it growing up. I figured that eventually I would take the big hall clock that I "fixed" as a teenager and actually get it working again, but in the event I never did, and am not at all sure anymore that I would want that making noise all night anyway.

The only previous location that I know of was on Covenant Road in a building that was recently demolished.

The pictured location is one of the odder strip malls on Two Notch: It is all trailers and sheds. My guess has always been that zoning doesn't allow any permanent buildings right up against a railroad track like that, but in the event these have been here so long they might as well be permanent. It appears to me that a new business is already setting up in the Clock Doctor trailer.

(Hat tip to commenter Dan R)

Written by ted on April 8th, 2021

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