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Schlotzsky's, 529 Bush River Road: May 2024   9 comments

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When Schlotzsky's was on Parklane I made it a point to eat lunch there once a week. It wasn't that the veggie sandwich was that good in and of itself (it was ok), but the fact that I really liked the sourdough buns, which were always a nice change from other sandwich places.

When that location closed, I noticed that some of the staff had made it to this location abuting Dutch Square, on the corner of Bush River & North Arrowwood Roads. In the event given how far it was from home, this location never made it into my regular rotation, and I probably only ate there a half dozen times over the last ten years. I liked the fact that they had a Cinnabon concession, though I think I only partook once.

Driving by lately, I had noticed that the Cinnabon part of the sign looked to have been painted over, and recent reviews suggest the place was having other problems, but it's still a shame to see them go (though Google marks the closing as temporary, so we'll see).

Looking at the other closings for the chain, it appears that at some point they dropped the word "Deli" from their name, something I just noticed.

(Hat top to commenter BrianTR)

Catherine's Plus Sizes, 421 Bush River Road: 2020   1 comment

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I did a closing for the Two Notch Catherine's back in 2020, and thought I had done one for this one, but apparently had not. As far as I can determine, all Catherine's are now closed. Although the company was bought after it went bankrupt, the new owners have elected to keep the brand alive online, but not run any actual stores.

Recently the church owning Intersection Center announced the purchase of Dutch Square, and it's unclear to me what that will mean for the future of retail there. They may elect to use the vacant slots, like this, for church functions and keep the current retail renters on (in fact there is still some retail at Intersection Center), or perhaps the will use the whole mall as leases expire. We will have to see.

Wells Fargo ATM, 101 Dutch Square Boulevard: 2020s (?)   3 comments

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Continuing the recent theme of abandoned (or demolished) walk-up ATMs, this one at the Dutch Square Wells Fargo has been closed for a good while.

The adajacent branch continues to be open, and people in the parking lot can, of course, walk up to the drive-through ATM, and in fact somebody did that just before I took these picture.

Written by ted on October 11th, 2023

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Dutch Plaza, 800 Dutch Square Boulevard: Summer 2023   6 comments

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This office plaza across the street from Dutch Square has been purchased by either The Midlands Housing Alliance or Transitions Homeless Center depending on which news article you read, but the upshot is that, as Columbia Business Report says, it will be converted into housing for distressed individuals:

The first phase of the property’s transformation will occur in the back two buildings. One will be renovated to serve as an adult day care facility for medically fragile clients in need of mental and physical activity. The second building will be renovated to create handicap-accessible rental apartments designed to meet the needs of elderly individuals.

WLTX adds something a bit at odds with what I saw when I drove over:

“These buildings have been vacant, two of them have been vacant for years, so we want to get rid of vacant buildings we want to convert them to a usable space that will benefit the community," Currey stated.

It appeared to me that the front two buildings, at least, still had a good bit of activity.

Construction work is slated to start this month or next and run into the fall.

AMC Classic Dutch Square 14, 421 Bush River Road Suite 80: Mid August 2022   2 comments

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I have seen many movies at Dutch Square over the years. This includes at the original Dutch Square Theater (where Mrs. B's is now) and this one (which is actually in the old Tapps location. I forget the most recent film I saw here, but I do remember two things about the experience: First it took a lot longer to get tickets than I expected, or than it should have taken, and second, it was obvious the theater was either overbuilt or understaffed -- they had a whole cafe area that was completely unused. It was also about this time that I showed up for a movie, got my ticket and walked to the auditorium and found a completely different movie playing. Apparently I had bought the only ticket to the movie I wanted to see, and I was a few minutes late, so they decided, What the heck? Forget about what we advertised and throw some more guys for Movie B in here!.

According to The State & WLTX the theaters will be re-opening on Thursday 1 September under Bow-Tie Management (The door signs say 2 September). I don't know the company, but the exercise of re-opening can be pretty iffy. I know it failed with Columbia Mall and B & B in Fernandina. On the other hand, so far it seems to be working for Movies Behind The Mall.

(Hat tip to commenter Steve)

Written by ted on August 30th, 2022

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Lita's Treats, 421 Bush River Road: Spring 2021 (Moving)   2 comments

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According to commenter Mr. Hat, Lita's Treats dessert bakery, in what's left of the food court at Dutch Square is moving to 800 Lake Murray Boulevard. This is the old Piggly Wiggly shopping center, now home to Stars & Strikes. Interestingly (or not) there was previously a cupcake bakery in that complex.

(Hat tip to commenter Mr. Hat)

UPDATE 22 June 2021 -- Here is the new location:



Written by ted on May 13th, 2021

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Best China Buffet / Super China Buffet, 421 Bush River Road Suite 140: 2019   3 comments

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There seems to be some self-caused confusion about the name of this place, as the outside sign brands it Best China Buffet while the inside one goes with Super China Buffet. The last Yelp review is from late 2018, so I'm going to guess they closed in 2019. To be honest, the reviews suggest it was probably inevitable. There seems to be one food operation still in the Dutch Square food court, but it's a far cry from the days of Annabelle's, Morrison's, Chick-Fil-A and Cromers (not to mention lunch counters in Woolworths and Eckerds).

Goodyear, 828 Dutch Square Boulevard: 2018   no comments

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As I drove past Dutch Square the other day, I noticed that the Goodyear location across from the cinema side of the mall had changed to a Tire Choice. Looking at pictuers on google, I see that as late as April 2018 it was still Goodyear, so it changed sometime after that.

I believe that closest I came to using this place as a Goodyear was once when I needed a headlight replaced (sealed beam) and they couldn't fit me in to the remaining time of the day. I think I ended up going to Pep Boys on Broad River and getting it done.

Written by ted on September 21st, 2020

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Ruby Tuesday, 511 Bush River Road: April 2020   10 comments

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After the Dutch Square Theatre closed and the building was razed, Ruby Tuesday built a new store on this site, and ran it until last month. Ruby Tuesday has been having problems and closing locations in recent years in part because the restaurant has no strong identity. You go to Ruby Tuesday for what, exactly? For me it's the salad bar, but if that's not your thing, then its hard to say why you would -- Which is not to say there's anything wrong with the food.

Anyway, this store probably would have held on for a while, perhaps indefinitely, but with the temporary closure for COVID-19 and no money coming in, I guess the balance just tipped the wrong way.

(Hat tip to commenter Homer, et al)

UPDATE 28 February 2022 -- As mentioned in the comments, now Ms. B's:




I presume at some point they will get the Ruby Tuesday sign taken down..

Sandy's Famous Hot Dogs, 1935 Broad River Road: December 2019   4 comments

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“Our business is doing extremely well, so it’s a funny time to be getting out of the business,” Sanderson says. “I’m starting to work on my 80th birthday and it’s beyond retirement time.”

I suppose I'll be featuring all the former Sandy's locations here before too long. This is one I actually ate at at least once, and probably a few more times after shopping expeditions to Dutch Square. This store is part of the row of restaurants and other businesses that fronts on Broad River Road and backs on (or has access to) Diamond Lane in the former Intersection Center. I see now that (presumably) the church which bought all the back property has put gates cutting off through access to Diamond Lane, which I can understand -- it was kind of an odd setup.

The State has more details on Sandy's history and closing.

UPDATE 4 February 2021 -- As mentioned in the comments, this building is to become Asian Express:


UPDATE 24 June 2021 -- The Asian Express appears poised to open:



UPDATE 13 March 2023 -- Asian Express is open, and has been for a good while:



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