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Tuesday Morning, 10225 Ocean Hwy Suite 400 (Pawleys Island): June 2023   1 comment

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For many years Pawleys Island Plaza was kind of down-at-the-heels strip mall. There was an off brand grocery store that failed after a year or so (Farmer John's?), a small local office supply store, a barber shop, coin laundry and dry cleaner. For a few years the Post Office did operate there in between leaving their original photomat sized building and building the current location across from the Hammock Shops, but on the whole not a lot was going on there.

Things have changed a good bit in recent years as the whole area has gone upscale, and the plaza got a Publix, Dunkin, Smoothie King, Petco, and of course, Tuesday Morning. I went in there a number of times over the years, looking for lampshades and the like, and it was fine, like outlets of the chain everywhere. And like all of those, it is now closing (and may be closed by this time).

We'll have to see what's next. I see the plaza operators have gyms in some of their other properties -- that might work.

Written by ted on June 15th, 2023

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