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Shepherd's Corner, 6740 Garners Ferry Road: May 2017   no comments

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While I was at Landmark Square the other day, I noticed an empty storefront near the anchor.

Somehow I missed the story a few years ago, but Shepherd's Corner Christian book store closed in May of 2017 when the owner moved back to West Virginia.

The store started in Cedar Terrace, and moved to this spot in 2002, for a total of just under 40 years of service.

Written by ted on June 11th, 2019

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Wendy's, 6892 Garners Ferry Road: October 2017 (open again)   18 comments

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As mentioned by commenter Andrew, this Landmark Square Wendy's is being remodeled into the style of the Assembly Street store (though not as tall).

Now, I have only eaten in this Wendy's once, when I was working out on Bluff Road and didn't have time to go all the way to Panera. My observation at the time was that they seemed pretty unclear on the concept of exchanging food for money, or at least on implementing that concept, which a new building won't help.

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

UPDATE 21 February 2018 -- Open again:



J's Concessions, LLC, 6882 Garners Ferry Road: Early 2016   3 comments

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I'm not sure what this little building in Landmark Square was originally, possibly one of those tiny hamburger drive-throughs that sprung up in the late 80s, but for a number of years it was what I thought of as The Elephant Ear place; I didn't know it was called J's Concessions until I did a google on the address.

The idea seems sound to me: People like "fair food", so why not open a permanent location for it? (They also had a food truck that used this as a base). Somehow I always end up only having Italian Sausage at the Fair; I probably should have stopped by.

Judging by the newspapers and Christmas lights, they closed up shop after the holidays.

Framing Plus Antiques & Gifts, 6864 Garners Ferry Road, 23 December 2011(moved)   no comments

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Here's another Landmark Square storefront, this one a framing and gifts operation.

According to their referral sign, they moved to 4339 Fort Jackson Boulevard in late 2011, and according to the February 2013 phonebook, they are still there.

Fashion Cents / Simply Fashion, 6860 Garners Ferry Road: 2006   3 comments

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This clothing storefront in Landmark Square has apparently been vacant since circa 2006. There is currently a Simply Fashion in Edens Plaza on Beltline (the Piggly Wiggly plaza), but it looks to have shown up a few years after this one closed, so I don't think it counts as a move.

Currently Landmark Square does have a fashion shop, It's Fashion Metro which moved into the old Jo-Ann Fabrics location.

I don't know anything about Fashion Cents other than a google search on 6860 Garners Ferry brings it up. If it really was here, it must have been prior to the February 2005 phonebook.

Written by ted on March 12th, 2014

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Too Easy   1 comment

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Written by ted on October 11th, 2012

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Shoe Town, 6790 Garners Ferry Road: 2012   4 comments

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As far as I can tell, the opening of I-77 hasn't really helped Landmark Square much. It's nice they got one of the new Krispy Kremes, but the rest of the place still could use a good makeover.

Looking back in the Feb 1997 phonebook, says that this little shoe storefront was founded some time after that (though there was a "Shoe City" on Garners Ferry back then..) and lasted until this year.

Written by ted on July 11th, 2012

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Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts, 6820 Garners Ferry Road: August 2010 (moved)   9 comments

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I'm not much of a fabric guy. I think I have written before about how my mother used to frequent fabric stores at Forest Lake Shopping Center and Trenholm Plaza, and how the dye in the air would always make me stuffy and my eyes tear up. Furthermore, I never learned to sew -- so I never visited Jo-Ann Fabrics in Landmark Square on Garners Ferry Road at I-77.

They seem to be doing pretty well though, as they have just moved to a much larger location, the old Goody's building on Two Notch Road by Wal Mart.

The move does something to recoup the Goody's bankruptcy blow to the Two Notch plaza, but certainly doesn't help Landmark Square any. At one time (when Woolco was the anchor) the place was doing pretty well, and I would have thought that having I-77 come through would have helped, but apparently not. (And, I'll admit it is a bit of a pain to get onto Garners Ferry when you're headed towards the airport on 77).

UPDATE 22 March 2011 -- here's the Garners Ferry facade work mentioned in the comments:

UPDATE 20 May 2011 -- It's to be It's Fashion Metro:

Written by ted on September 13th, 2010

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Bank of America, 6614 Garners Ferry Road: late 2000s   15 comments

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I've been with Bank of America since it was North Carolina National Bank though it seems to change names often enough that sometimes I just think of it as North Carolina Nations Bank of America (actually there are even more other names it has absorbed as well). I'm afraid they haven't had a very good last few years, and I suspect it will be a while before they start absorbing anyone else (and indeed, it could go the other way..).

None of which is appropos as to why I have no memory at all of ever having seen this branch at Landmark Square before I noticed it closed driving down Garners Ferry Road the other day.

UPDATE 1 Oct 2010: According to The State, this building is to become a Krispy Kreme. (The story is a bit vague on whether it will be a full Hot Dougnuts Now! location, or will get doughnuts bussed in from Cayce).

UPDATE 9 March 2011 -- Work has started, presumably on the Krispy Kreme conversion:

UPDATE 28 March 2011 -- Work proceeds, and the official Krispy Kreme "coming soon" sign is up:

UPDATE 20 May 2011 -- The Krispy Kreme is open!

Written by ted on February 24th, 2010

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