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Ice Cream Taco, 4884 Sunset Boulevard: November 2023 (Moved)   1 comment

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It's definitely not ice cream weather tonight, but summer is coming -- eventually!

Ice Cream Taco was in this little strip mall on Sunset which has seen a number of things come and go over the last few years. I don't seem to have a closing for the previous operation in this suite, but as of 2014 when I did a cloing for Alibaba's, it was apparently recently vacated. According to The State, Ice Cream Taco opened here in March of 2022, and I actually learned something from the article. My assumption had been that the store name referred to some sort of frozen novelty served in sugar tacos rather than sugar cones, but in actuality, the place serves regular, hot, tacos -- and ice cream.

In November, they relocated to 2708 Emanuel Church Road.

(Hat tip to commenter Brian)

Buttercup Ice Cream, Auman's Flowers & Crafts, 204 South Main Street (Society Hill): 2012-ish   1 comment

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This old-style retail storefront is on Society Hill's main drag, next to an insurance agency. As far as I can tell from looking at Google Streetview, it may have been open as late as 2012. You can check there for a view of the "Buttercup" sign, which is no longer present. There is also a nice one taken in 2018 here. The flickr link says that Buttercup Ice Cream started in Hamlet NC in the 1920s and lasted into the 1960s, surviving as Mello Buttercup. Here's one of the whole building from the same photoset, and a much better shot than any of mine.

It's not clear to me if the ice cream operation was part of the flowers, craft & framing business, but it is on that end of the building, and the main sign does call out Coca Cola, and the Pepsi coolers inside, so beverages were also sold there.

This stretch of road does the neat trick of being US-401, US-52 & US-15 all at the same time.

Tasty Express, 1684 North Main Street (Summerville): 2022   1 comment

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I was in Summerville recently, and noticed this old-school ice cream and fast food drive-through & walk-up on the main drag. It's the kind of place you don't see too much anymore, and apparently was well regarded locally (though more recent reviews mention some slippage). As far as I can tell, they closed sometime in 2022 after February. If you look at the Yelp reviews, you can see that they used to have a nice patio out back.

I'm not exactly sure what the Lodi branding was about.


Baskin-Robbins, 4711 Forest Drive Suite 27: 18 December 2022   8 comments

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This is a shame as this Baskin-Robbins was my go-to for milkshakes & ice cream. Not that I went that often, but it was pleasant on a summer night to get something cold and hang around in the warm evening outside for a while.

I believe this closing leaves Forest Acres without an ice-cream parlor for the first time in my life. There is still Zesto for a chocolate-dip, but as much as I like soft-serve now and then, it's not really the same thing.

I'm not sure what's up with the construction, but apparently someone jumped the gun a bit.

(Hat tip to commenter Larry)

Written by ted on January 18th, 2023

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Marble Slab Creamery, 1001 Gervais Street: March 2020 / Spring 2022 (Closed Again)   1 comment

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I noticed today that the Marble Slab in The Vista is closed. The last reviews are from four months ago, so it's pretty clearly another COVID-19 story.

I do think the window sign is a bit misleading. While I'm glad to hear the Woodhill location is open, I suspect the wording has made more than a few people driving by, park and then be disappointed on walking up to the door.

UPDATE 28 June 2022: This place is now closed for good. I need to get some updated pictures.

UPDATE 3 February 2023 -- Here is a picture. The signage is still up for some reason:


Written by ted on July 24th, 2020

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Dairy Queen, 462540 State Road 200 Yulee Florida: Fall 2017   4 comments

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I noticed on my last trip to Fernandina, that this old-school Dairy Queen on historic Florida Route A1A, just off of I-95 in Yulee Florida was closed. (You can see it, poorly, in operation in the first shot).

If I had to guess a cause, it would be the interminable road construction on this stretch of A1A, which has made this parking lot almost inaccessible, especially if west bound. Of course the walk-up design has its drawbacks as well: One review advises eating in your car to avoid the no-see-ums.

For now the nearby produce & souvenir stand is holding on despite the acess problems. I would be sad to see that go, as it has been there forever, and always has good citrus & candies.

Written by ted on February 20th, 2020

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Sandy's Famous Hot Dogs, 5175 Sunset Boulevard Suite 13: 31 December 2019   3 comments

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This Sandy's was in Lexington in the same plaza as McAlister's Deli. I never ate at this one -- If I'm going to drive out to this area to eat, it's probably Uno.

Here again is a story on the owner's retirement.

I believe I have now covered all of the Sandy's locations that were open until the end. As I recall, there was a location on Parklane once, maybe I'll try to find that building someday.

Chocolate Monkey, 5341 Sunset Boulevard Suite C: 29 July 2018   no comments

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Although I did not know it, Chocolate Monkey is a small family owned chain of candy shops. As their Facebook explains, the owners have moved to Tennessee to run the stores there, and keeping up with the lone South Carolina store from there was just a bridge too far.

That's a good looking strawberry!

(Hat tip to commenter James R)

Written by ted on August 28th, 2018

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Marble Slab Creamery, 929-D North Lake Drive: July 2015   4 comments

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I had come from Pizzera Uno to the Pastime Pavilion in Lexington to see a movie. In point of fact, I was hoping to still find the latest Mad Max move showing though it was dropping out of first run at the time. I had done a quick google before leaving home, noting that the time and place for Max would make it convienient to a restaurant I hadn't been to for a while.

It all went well until I got to the theater and found that I should have taken time to click on the movie descriptions as well as times as the movie turned out to be about a dog.

Anyway, as I was walking back to the car in sort of disgusted amusement, I noticed the plaza's Marble Slab Creamery was closed. There were no explanatory notes or signs, but cleary the place had been cleaned out even though the marquee was still up.

Written by ted on August 13th, 2015

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Hooligan's Deli & Ice Cream, 4880 Forest Drive Suite 26: Early May 2015   1 comment

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Well, I was sorry to see this. Hooligan's has been a long-time presence at Trenholm Plaza, and has continued the ice cream tradition that started in that location with Edisto Farms Dairy.

I didn't go to Hooligan's that often, but they were dependable, and had excellent ice (the chewy kind) for the drinks. At one time, when my eldest niece was in her terrible twos, Hooligan's was the only place my sister could take her out as it was kid friendly, and cranky-kid friendly.

(Hat tip to commenter mamarose)

UPDATE 29 January 2018: According to The State, this is to be BLD Diner

a hip version of the American classic diner, offering everything from omelets and fresh squeezed juice in the morning to a full prime rib dinner in the evenings

UPDATE 14 May 2018 -- The sign for BLD Diner is up:


UPDATE 6 August 2018 -- BLD Diner is now open in this slot:




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