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Dairy Queen, 1100 South Lake Drive: May 2024   6 comments

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This Dairy Queen was located inside a Circle K, and apparently closed down in May of 2024. Looking at the Google reviews is amusing since they still have a bot account posting AI replies to reviews, going approximately like:

Reviewer: This place is shut down!
Bot: We're sorry we didn't delight, please give us another try!

(Hat tip to commenter Jessee)

Dairy Queen, 462540 State Road 200 Yulee Florida: Fall 2017   4 comments

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I noticed on my last trip to Fernandina, that this old-school Dairy Queen on historic Florida Route A1A, just off of I-95 in Yulee Florida was closed. (You can see it, poorly, in operation in the first shot).

If I had to guess a cause, it would be the interminable road construction on this stretch of A1A, which has made this parking lot almost inaccessible, especially if west bound. Of course the walk-up design has its drawbacks as well: One review advises eating in your car to avoid the no-see-ums.

For now the nearby produce & souvenir stand is holding on despite the acess problems. I would be sad to see that go, as it has been there forever, and always has good citrus & candies.

UPDATE 12 June 2024: Update tags.

Written by ted on February 20th, 2020

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