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Heart 2 Heart, 800 Lake Murray Boulevard Suite D: 2010   8 comments

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Here's a heart-themed post for Valentines..

I don't know a lot about Heart 2 Heart (or "♥ 2 ♥" as the sign would have it) other than it was apparently a gift shop, sat in the old Piggly Wiggly Plaza on Lake Murray Boulevard and closed in 2010. The local news site has this and other locations up for comments on what should go there...

Written by ted on February 15th, 2013

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8 Responses to 'Heart 2 Heart, 800 Lake Murray Boulevard Suite D: 2010'

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  1. Man, that strip mall is drying up!! Is anything there besides the Tripp's Dry Cleaners, Groucho's, New China & Papa John's? I still miss The Pig!!


    16 Feb 13 at 2:19 am

  2. Rumor has it that Hobby Lobby or AC Moore is going in where P/W used to be.


    19 Feb 13 at 8:54 am

  3. I'd prefer another grocery store, like Fresh Market, but AC Moore is better than nothing. I don't understand why it has stayed vacant for so long.the location seems ideal. Close to interstate, handy to Columbiana center and Harbison blvd, Easy in and out, right on the road to several healthy subdivisions, most quite affluent. Guess I'm missing something.


    19 Feb 13 at 9:31 am

  4. If you read the comments on the Piggly Wiggly post (linked in the main post of this one), you'll note that AC Moore and Hobby Lobby aren't the only ones rumored for this spot.

    It has been rumored for:

    Hamrick's (prior to their move to 1950 Bush River Road)
    Earth Fare
    Big Lots


    19 Feb 13 at 1:07 pm

  5. Are the rental place and the Gold's Gym behind this place still open?


    20 Feb 13 at 1:07 am

  6. I know Gold's is but I'm unsure as to the rental place. I remember it being The Rental Shop, then Rent-x but then it faded off into the sunset.

    The rental shop had a place at Huger and Laurel as well that has had a few other things pass through and I'm not 100% sure what's currently there.

    I also recall a location in the 1700 block of Burning Tree Road but the two buildings I recall housing it there have been razed and nothing but a grassy area sits on the site.


    20 Feb 13 at 1:51 am

  7. @JBL, the rental place is still open.


    21 Feb 13 at 6:18 am

  8. This place sold hand crafted jewelry and the best home made scented glycerin soap! I was a frequent customer.


    30 Jun 16 at 3:05 pm

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