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Master Cleaners & Laundry, 2843 Millwood Avene: early October 2012   2 comments

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Commenter Mayr Douglass mentions that many (or all) Master Cleaners in Columbia have closed recently. So far, I've only checked out this one, on the corner of Millwood & Hagood Avenues.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, Master's was a constant radio presence while I was growing up, with their memorable jingle often playing on WIS

Look Your Best All The Day
In Clothes Cleaned the Mas-ter-ful Way.
You'll feel the diff-er-ence
Know the diff-er-ence
And what's more
You'll *show* the diff-er-ence!

(Hat tip to commenter Mary Douglass)

UPDATE 18 September 2013 -- It's now Provisions Bulk Foods & Spices:



This story from The State talks about the new operation.

Written by ted on October 17th, 2012

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  1. Master Cleaners has been in Columbia since at least the early to mid sixties. I am sorry to see them close even though I never had any of my clothes cleaned there. In 1962 my family moved out to the Garners Ferry Road / Leesburg Road area. There was a Master Cleaners at the corner of Lessburg and what we called the Sumter Highway. My Dad got his work shirts cleaned there every week for many years. The building is still there, it is a Michaels Cleaners now and it is not on the corner anymore. When I-77 was built Leesburg Road was re-configured to intersect with Garners Ferry between the Precision Tune Auto Care and The Shopping Center. Before I-77 was built, Leesburg intersected Garners Ferry between Pricision Tune and the old Master Cleaners now Michaels Cleaners. If you look closely, the area between the two businesses is wide enough to once have had a four lane road cut through. By the way when we moved to that side of town there was not a stop light at that intersection, just a stop sign. And on the adjacent corner from Master Cleaners was Trues Motor Mart. It took up the whole area that is now the Shopping Center.


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