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Centro Cristiano, 2632 Decker Boulevard: Fall 2018 (Moved)   no comments

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This Latin church set up in the old spot of Redwing Rollerway on Decker in the wake of the closing of KNC Trading.

Like KNC, they made the most of the old Redwing sign.

It appears to me from google and their Facebook page (though I don't read Spanish) that they have moved to 2401 Decker, which would be the old Forest Lake Bible Church location. I will have to look the next time I drive by.

UPDATE 10 August 2022 -- Now setting up to be City Shoppe:




Also adding map icon.

Written by ted on July 10th, 2019

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Kings Kingdom Ministry Worldwide, 2205 Decker Boulevard Suite C: 2014   1 comment

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I noticed this empty storefront on Decker the other day. Judging from their Facebook page, it seems this church may have wrapped up operations in 2014, although the door sign suggests it might have been as recently as last month.

Written by ted on October 12th, 2016

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YMCA, 1420 Sumter Street: 9 July 2016 (moving)   2 comments

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I believe I may at one time have had swimming lessons at the downtown 'Y', though it is very hazy now. I remember for sure that I had Karate lessons there, something which my mother was in favor of to try and get me out of my books every now and then, and something which I personally hated (the same thing was true of Little League). In the event, I would sneak over to the neighboring RCPL when I was supposed to be in class.

I had not often thought of the 'Y' since then until my sister recently mentioned that it was moving from this historic building to a new one at 1447 Hampton Street.

According to the 'Y' website, that move is this weekend, and the new 'Y' should be open on Monday 11 July 2016.

Written by ted on July 6th, 2016

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Cardinal Newman High School, 4701 Forest Drive: December 2015 (moved)   7 comments

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Well, this has been talked about, and dreaded, for ages, but Cardinal Newman High School has finally left Forest Acres for Alpine Road. The kids went home from this campus for Christmas vacation, and "returned" to the new one. I know that Brueggers, Groucho's and other area restaurants will miss the afternoon influx of the diverse, chatty but very polite mass of students, as will I, and evenings will be somewhat less interesting without the muted roar from the football field. And then, of course, there's the question of "What Next?" The property is apparently already under contract, and to be re-zoned, and it's hard to imagine that whatever replaces the school will be an improvement in the eyes of local residents.

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Written by ted on January 26th, 2016

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Palmetto Baptist Temple / Palmetto Baptist Academy, 1510 South Beltline Boulevard: 2013   8 comments

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I noticed this little church on Beltline the other day, which seems be have been about half re-painted at some point. As far as I can tell from google, there is no new location for Palmetto Baptist Temple, and their web site is down, so I guess they are gone. The attached school apparently closed several years earlier.

The gym facility behind the church seems to be of a much more recent vintage than the church itself, and there is an old, long, out-building, probably the school building, that seems to be older than either.

Fellowship Church, 7820 Broad River Road: Spring 2014   3 comments

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As far as I can tell, this vacant church on Broad River Road just north of the I-26 interchange was most recently Fellowship Church and indeed, they are listed in this year's phonebook (Feb 2014). Before that, comment Amanda notes that the property played "Musical Churches" with several moving and and out, including, I believe New Spring Church and Gateway Baptist Church.

While a For Sale sign was up when I took these pictures, but I can't find a current online listing, and I wonder if a sale has closed recently.

(Hat tip to commenter Amanda)

Written by ted on June 27th, 2014

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Family Outreach Word & Worship Center, 631 Sparkleberry Lane: 2014   3 comments

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Commenter James reports this Sparkleberry Lane church closing and notes that you don't often see such. That's fairly true, I think, but if you add in relocations, it's not *that* uncommon. Think, for instance, this. Anyway, this is a fairly large property, which the real estate sign indicates is now under contract. I wonder if we're looking at a new church tenant, or a bunch of new houses?

(Hat tip to commenter James)

Written by ted on June 2nd, 2014

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High School Social Clubs / Les Friponnes / LTA / Les Croquettes / Deboneers /Dark Horsemen / Les Truands / FNV / Order of the Rainbow / LGO, etc: 1980s   19 comments

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Well, High School social clubs of the 50s through the 80s is a subject about which I know nothing (I was in the Beta club, and that was about it..), but it's come up several times here, so I thought I would do an actual post on them so people googling-in will have a nice landing spot, and one place to add their comments.

Here's what various people, with inside and outside perspectives on the clubs, have already contributed:

High school social clubs of long ago --

When I was in high school, way on the wrong side of the tracks in the 1970s, I nevertheless had friends from the wealthy side of Forest Acres and Spring Valley.

I learned from them about these social clubs, that were apparently deeply established local institutions for teens, sort of like junior sororities and fraternities. They had some nominal nable mission written down somewhere, like helping the dowtrodden or supporting youth, but their real activity seemed to be throwing these fancy parties, complete with live bands, corsages, fancy finger food, and LOTS of booze that wasn't "officially" there. One or two distracted moms would serve as chaperones while the kids behaved like wild heathans.

It was fun, but so far above my actual social standing and family income level that I felt like a tourist. The girls were way out of my league (except a couple who hauled me around as their pet hippie to torture their parents with) and the guys were overpriveledged future doctors and lawyers. These were the kids who got brand new Camaros for their 16th birthday which they wrecked a month later, and never wondered if their family could send them to the exclusive private college their parents went to. Without exception they all went to Myrtle Beach for "first week" in big house parties with only nominal adult supervision.

Anyone else remember this crowd? Some of the clubs were:

Les Friponnes
Les Coquettes
Dark Horsemen
Les Truands
Order of the Rainbow
LGO (can't remember what these initials stand for)


I definitely remember the Dark Horsemen, it was a fraternal "order" of course, and for some reason I remember the Les Friponnes and Les Coquettes as well, which were the sororities. I NEVER fit in with those folks socially or attitudinally, however I did know several K-12 school mates who were in the Dark Horsemen in high-school. The girls who were members of those clubs wouldn't even give me the time of day, I mean that literally. There was maybe one in my whole high-school career who would actually say hello. My clique was so far out there that we were listening to Frank Zappa in 8th grade in 1969 and making fun of all the people in those clubs right up to the day we graduated 12th grade. We were definitely spurred on by Mr. Zappa's biting satire on "joiners," which probably made it harder for those club folks to warm up to us. In retrospect, maybe a vicious cycle of mistrust and misunderstanding.

And though we weren't poor, my folks were basically middle-class working people and I never fit in at all with the country club set, which on the whole pretty much populated those clubs. No bad memories per se, never had the Dark Horsemen bop me up against the side of the head because I had long hair and wild friends or anything like that, but you and I obviously had different experiences with those clubs. Fascinating.

Michael Taylor

Hey Ted:

Since my family has been in Columbia and Lexington before our country's independence, I am always very interested in your web site, which brings back great memories of people and places. I love history of any kind, especially that I can relate to!

I was reading some comments from a few years back and someone wanted to know more about social clubs. I was a member of Les Friponnes which started in 1954. I was a member in the late 70's early 80's.Most of our members went to Hammond,Cardinal Newman, Dreher or Spring Valley. There was definitely some silliness going on with these groups but it was fun and it was a way to meet girls outside of my school. I know high school administrators did not like these clubs because of elitism and hurt feelings and the fact that we had initiation rites at school. I remember having to call all members "Miss So and So" One made me spin around every time I passed her in the hall at school. I also had to buy snacks and run errands for members during lunch. During hell week, we had to wear the same outfit to school all week and we could not wear make up. We would have after school initiations at people houses. We had to do these shoulder, knees and toes motions called buttons and say "I love Les Friponnes" over and over. Members would yell at us and pour disgusting things on us. We would sometimes have tri-club initiations and parties at Legion Lakes- the three clubs were Les Friponnes, LTA (Les Croquettes) and Deboneers In the mid-late 1980s I think schools had had enough of this distraction and banned anything like that during the school day. I am not aware that any of these groups exist any more. Sometimes my friends post old social club formal photos on facebook and it does bring back good memories of my youth.


They were essentially high school sororities. I went to many of the Les Friponnes & FNV semi-formals back in the mid-to-late 80's. Most were at hotel ballrooms in the Northeast area. The initiations at the girls houses were a lot of fun to watch as a guy, and very similar to the girls initiation scenes in the movie "Dazed & Confused". Lots of fun, good, if not fuzzy, memories. Hope it was worth it ladies.


Written by ted on January 20th, 2014

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Adams Insurance Agency / Nationwide Insurance/ Entry Point / Columbia Center of Immigration / Brighter Solutions, 1605 Broad River Road: 2013 (moved)   4 comments

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Here's another Boozer Shopping Center vacancy:

Brighter Solutions has moved to 1447 Franklin Street. Apparently they are home lighting decor providers with "Solatubs, Entry Point glass, &: Phantom screens".

Before that, the place was apparently an insurance agency and an immigration support operation.

Central Assembly Of God, 721 Arrowwood Road: (moving)   12 comments

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This church sits on top of a hill at the corner of Arrowwood Road & Gracern Road. Their driveway, in fact, connects those two roads, and winds through a pretty big lot. (The real estate sign says 13 acres). As far as I can tell from the church website, they had a very focused mission and must have closed up shop in late July or August of 2012. (I'm guessing that if they had moved, the site would reflect that, and a new location).

(Hat tip to commenter Justin)

UPDATE 4 April 2013: Fortunately, it looks like they may be moving to Assembly Street rather than closing.

Written by ted on April 3rd, 2013

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