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Waffle House, 4505 Broad River Road: June 2013   9 comments

Posted at 1:38 am in closing

Are there any driving directions less useful than: "Take the exit with the Waffle House"?

Anyway, you don't see Waffle Houses closing too often, though I do have the one from Bush River Road here. On the one hand, I would have thought the closeness of this Waffle House to SLED would have guaranteed it a steady late-night business. On the other hand, the site is not like their usual Interstate exit locations.

Personally I like the fact that Waffle House never went to "Belgian" waffles, which seem to be the rage elsewhere now. I like a lot of litle holes for syrup rather than a smaller number of larger holes. And yes, that is the kind of thing you think about in a Waffle House booth at 3am.

(Hat tip to commenter Johnathan)

UPDATE 5 January 2022: Adding map icon and updating tags.

Written by ted on June 21st, 2013

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9 Responses to 'Waffle House, 4505 Broad River Road: June 2013'

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  1. I went by this Waffle House yesterday and was surprised as well that it was closed. That location is not that old and with people coming to visit people at the 3 prisons back there and all the law enforcement it should have been busy all the time. Any chance they are just up-fitting the inside?


    22 Jun 13 at 11:31 am

  2. I enjoy Waffle House food. My son and I went to the one near the Airport Monday two weeks ago. The food was good but the table was wet and sticky from the wet towel the waitress used to wipe it off. The menus were wet, sticky and had crusted food on them. The salt and pepper shakers were disgusting, I used a napkin to pick the salt shaker up, and my sons fork had food crusted on it. I do not complain anymore, we just asked for a new fork, wiped the table and menus off with a napkin and will not go back again. Never had this problem at the two on Garners Ferry Road. I find it interesting that there are two WH's within a half mile of each other on Garners Ferry. I think they have a friendly competition thing going on, maybe that is what makes them better.


    24 Jun 13 at 1:31 pm

  3. Rick - on the Clinton, SC exit off I-26, there are 2 Waffle Houses (one on either side of the interstate). It was always strange to me - why not build one big one? But you never see a Waffle House built any different from the standard size.

    Mary Douglass

    25 Jun 13 at 1:35 pm

  4. @ Mary Douglass, That is very interesting to me. I wonder how many other WH locations have another close by. I worked for a WH type restaurant in the 70's and was told small places like WH were more productive. Could it be, that two small places, close together, make more money than a large place, attracting more customers due to the intimate environment? Just a guess.


    25 Jun 13 at 4:22 pm

  5. I recall a point where off of the last I-95 exit in Georgia before entering Florida there was a point where there were two Waffle house locations on either side of the exit. There was a mentality that being on the other side of the other Waffle house was considered "the other side of the world" but the locator on doesn't show it to be that way anymore...


    25 Jun 13 at 6:05 pm

  6. I think the reason WH does this is that if you are driving a truck and trailer sometimes it is extremely difficul to make a left turn if the WH isn't on the side of the road you are driving on.


    26 Jun 13 at 6:45 am

  7. Something is going on here...It looks like a cave now.


    8 Jul 13 at 10:22 am

  8. I drove by today and what it appears to me is that the glass has been boarded up and wood painted black...


    8 Jul 13 at 2:21 pm

  9. This is weird... WH Inc. normally holds onto a property for years since they still owe on the building. Being this location is so new (less than 5 years old) they had to have a good reason. Not like the one they shut down on Bush River Rd where they closed because they wouldn't want to fix it up. This location could be one where the economy caused it to close, but who knows the real reason


    3 Aug 13 at 2:23 pm

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