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Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation, 100 Warner Drive: late 2000s (moved)   2 comments

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Since the times I've needed to rent industrial equipment are few and far between (birth through now seems to be "between"), I'm not sure exactly when this site, off of Fontaine Road between SC-277 and Two Notch Road emptied. I can recall driving by and seeing all the stock arrayed around the place, but not really when I stopped seing that. Doing some googling around, I see that the whole site is available for $450,000. There's also a nice aerial view (that you can click larger) of the place in operation. It's sort of interesting that although SC-277 is built to Interstate standards, and in effect is an Interstate, Fontaine Road doesn't have Interstate exit type businesses. I think this kind of lot on a metropolitan Interstate exit would have something pricy on it.

UPDATE 8 Feb 2010: Hertz moved to I-20 & Fairfield Road and is still around: See the comments. I've added (moved) to the post title.

Written by ted on May 31st, 2009

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  1. The Columbia Branch of Hertz Equipment Rental has moved to the following address off of I-20 and Fairfield Road:

    Hertz Equipment Rental
    131 Cort Rd
    Columbia, SC 29203

  2. Thanks for the info!


    8 Feb 10 at 11:04 am

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