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Ravenwood Pharmacy, 4231 Bethel Church Road: 1970s   7 comments

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By all rights, I ought to remember Ravenwood Pharmacy. It was in the 1970 phonebook, so I would have been nine at the time, and I recall a lot of stuff from 1970. It was also near to Trenholm Park where we went from time to time and shared a parking lot with the Covenant Road Piggly Wiggly where my mother sometimes (though admittedly not often) shopped. Add to that the fact that presumably it lasted several years beyond 1970, and I'm a bit mystified by why I can't recall it at all. I suppose the fact that we filled almost all our prescriptions at Campbell's Drugs must explain it.

This real estate listing says the building was built in 1960, and I assume the Pharmacy was the first tenant. The second tenant was Forest Lake TV in its second location. I can't recall any tenants after that (though I would have been living out of town at the time) -- certainly the building has been empty for at least five years now.

UPDATE 31 July 2010 -- Looks like it's to be a thrift store now:

UPDATE 11 September 2010 -- Apparently that's not going to happen:

UPDATE 20 June 2016 -- Something looks to be happening here again:



UPDATE 25 April 2018 -- Well, the 2016 attempt didn't happen, but now there is more work going on:









UPDATE 14 June 2018 -- Hmm, very blue. Maybe a Pelican snocone place?


UPDATE 30 October 2018 -- Now open as DCP Convenience:


Written by ted on March 29th, 2009

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7 Responses to 'Ravenwood Pharmacy, 4231 Bethel Church Road: 1970s'

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  1. I remember it well. I mentioned somewhere else here that they always had a great selection of comic books. Never did figure out where the name Ravenwood came from.


    29 Mar 09 at 5:52 am

  2. I think I remember that building being, at some time, maybe late 70s(?), the "Vogue Stylon," a beauty parlor.


    30 Mar 09 at 12:15 pm

  3. It appears "Ravenwood" is the name of the neighborhood.


    31 Mar 09 at 12:50 am

  4. ted - isn't it odd how maps have neighborhood names that no one in real life uses? I'll give you a dollar if you ever hear anyone say "I live in Ravenwood." This used to bug me about the names SCE&G gave their bus routes. I never could figure out where they were going!

    Then there are the names for areas that spring into current common use, sometimes unflattering. Years ago the area from River Drive down to the Broad River was very poor and everyone I knew called it Black Bottom.

    I live in Rosewood and my wife hates it when I tell people we live in White Trash Shandon.


    31 Mar 09 at 7:09 am

  5. haha I've also heard people call it south shandon.

    Mr. Bill

    1 Apr 09 at 9:06 am

  6. My latest tax assessment says I live in "Trenholm Hills".

    Who knew?


    1 Apr 09 at 11:23 am

  7. Columbia has lots of neighborhood names. But I don't believe that Ravenwood is one of them. It is considered to be part of the Forest Acres neighborhood. A good site to examine city details is


    8 Feb 10 at 9:14 pm

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