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Forest Acres History Series   5 comments

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Interesting item in The State yesterday. There will be a series of Forest Acres history lectures in Town Hall over the next month, given by local historian Warner Montgomery, who has written the forthcoming book Forest Acres:

Written by ted on September 10th, 2010

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  1. That's weird, I was going to post a comment about the same thing after having accidently come across the story in the online version of "The Columbia Star". The historian was a history teacher at A.C. Flora until 1966, and he has his mug in the online Flora yearbook that I referenced in a different thread. In the yearbook, he almost looks more like a high-school senior than a history teacher. By the way, Warner Montgomery is the historian/author who co-wrote the book about Eau Claire - "Eau Claire Memories" - with Becky Bailey, who has commented several times on this blog.

    It will certainly be interesting to see just how recent of a history is included with all the photographs that are in the book, which the State describes as "heavy on photos." I'd be pleasantly surprised if there are any photographs of Forest Lake Shopping Center, the original Trenholm Plaza, or the old Richland Mall, but I kind of doubt it, because I don't see those as being "ancient" enough to tickle a historian's fancy. We'll see, and I hope I'm wrong big time with that prediction.

    Even if he doesn't have any photographs of the places that this blog would love to see for Forest Acres, he proves my point about there being photographs everywhere. But they most likely won't come to us, we have to go to them, that's the key ... (ok, here I go) ... We have to ask every single friend, family member, person at work, especially the older folk, for photographs. Somewhere there are photographs of everything all across Columbia that we wish we could see again, but the odds of them finding Columbia Closings are slim to none. We have to make it happen by always remembering to ask around, and if Warner Montgomery can find the photographs by asking around, so can we.

    Michael Taylor

    11 Sep 10 at 12:07 am

  2. There are several books on Columbia areas with the same cover design. They are edited by different people, though. The library has one on Shandon and another on Eau Claire, and One about Lexington was just recently published.

    Warner Montgomery no doubt has huge files of photos at the Columbia Star office. We need to buy him a good bottle of something so he'll let us in to look.

    FYI since we have been talking history, there is some good info and photos at the Columbia Historic Foundation's site


    11 Sep 10 at 3:24 pm

  3. There's one on Hopkins, too.


    13 Sep 10 at 7:14 am

  4. These books are all published by Arcadia Publishing.

    According to their website, they are based in Mt Pleasant and they are the leading local history publisher in the US. I have gotten a couple of their books covering Beaufort and Asheville and they are quite good at detailing a community's history.


    13 Sep 10 at 7:34 am

  5. As kind of a teaser for the Forest Acres book, I was just listening to WIS 1320, and Charlie Benton (part of the morning crew and son of Bill Benton) mentioned the book with enthusiasm. One of the main things he glommed onto was the part about the Hi Hatt Club, which it would seem has a whole chapter. I got the goosebumps when he started talking about this, because it was obvious that the honky-tonk had been a very mysterious and legendary place to him growing up as well. For that matter, the whole crew instantly lit up and got very animated when Charlie began talking about the Hi Hatt Club, and they all had memories of it to one extent or another. Benton didn't mention anything about a great photograph of the club standing alone, but he did say that there were photographs from the wrap party of " a movie that was filmed there," though he didn't give the name of the movie or how much of the club was visible. This ought to be interesting, and quite possibly some resolution to my questions about just what movie was made there all those years ago. I'm downright giddy at the prospects.

    Michael Taylor

    15 Sep 10 at 8:06 am

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