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Tripp's Fine Cleaners, 2750 North Lake Drive: 2023   2 comments

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I noticed another closed Tripp's location the other day, this one in a nice end-cap at Murray Landing. Streetview says it was open as recently as September of 2022, so I'm going with 2023 for the closing date.

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  1. Social grill is taking over the empty restaurant space a few stores down. They are opening a pizza and brew type place. The free standing social grill next to the food lion in ballentine is being torn down and made into a QT


    3 Feb 24 at 11:06 pm

  2. The empty space Robert referenced is was a former B's that recently closed (but hasn't featured here yet)...

    In front of the current Social Grill location Robert referenced is a Lakeside Auto repair shop..will that shop continue to operate??

    I like QT and everything but I am trying to picture how it will fit in the space Robert mentioned...


    4 Feb 24 at 4:03 pm

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