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Wild Wing Cafe, 729 Lady Street: 16 May 2023   7 comments

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I guess this isn't too surprising given that the other Wild Wing Cafe locations in the area have already closed (one fairly recently), but combined with the recent Buffalo Wild Wings closing on Two Notch, it makes me wonder if this market segment as a whole is in trouble. I have heard that for restaurants to get wings nowdays it is almost a "market price" situation and a recent google review for this place does comment:

The wings here are TINY. Like half the size of a traditional wing. Maybe smaller honestly. It’s like they killed the chicken just after it hatched.

I can't comment personally about that as since I don't care for chicken I had never visited the place. Still it's always a shame to see a spot close and folks out of work.

Here's today's Facebook announcement, and here is the still extant web site

(Hat tip to commenter Larry)

7 Responses to 'Wild Wing Cafe, 729 Lady Street: 16 May 2023'

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  1. Folks I have this WIS story announcing the closure thereof...they're hoping to have a Columbia location in the future but I would advise against holding your breath for one...


    18 May 23 at 10:59 pm

  2. Everything moves in cycles. While it may be odd to think about, restaurants/bars have a lifespan too. Wild Wing Cafe had gone through a lot of changes over the years from their ownership to their menu to their logo and "corporate colors".

    Between the extreme changes in the price of chicken and chicken wings and that good ol "Vista rent", that's a lot for any business to have to cope with.

    Lone Wolf

    19 May 23 at 10:02 am

  3. This used to be a tapas restaurant, back in the early 2000s. Unfortunately the name escapes me and Google isn't helping very much. Mosaic? Was that it?


    19 May 23 at 5:08 pm

  4. Meritage?


    19 May 23 at 5:32 pm

  5. @Larry, you are correct, sir. Good memory! It was indeed Meritage. I went there frequently. Food and service were better than good and atmosphere was very nice. Meritage also had a location in Charleston.

    Meritage had the unfortunate "luck" of the City of Columbia doing road work and walkway construction, right outside their door. Meritage had just started offering lunch and the City decided streets needed to be redone. Between that, some management problems, and the recently enacted smoking ban, Meritage decided enough was enough.

    Lone Wolf

    20 May 23 at 9:23 am

  6. @Larry Thank you!!! It was killing me that I couldn't remember it. I can't believe I couldn't Google the address and it wasn't coming up.


    22 May 23 at 2:46 pm

  7. I watched an interesting documentary on the creation and rise of the “chicken wing” on History channel. Pretty fascinating actually.

    With that said, Wild Wing in the past 2 years have closed their Hilton Head, Charleston, and Mt. Pleasant locations. Also, a lot of restaurants now have chicken wings as an appetizer, way more than there used to be. The price of wings during Covid skyrocketed almost 200% and were scarce, but I understand that’s subsided as many places have gone back to .50 wing night. My favorite wing joint , Publick House didn’t get that memo and still charge “pandemic prices” but foolishly I keep getting it.
    Guess they gotta pay for that renovation!

    For example a 10 piece wing and fry combo

    Publick House - 18.99
    D’s Wings - 10.99

    And Meritage… the lobster mash potatoes in a martini glass were excellent.


    2 Jun 23 at 3:33 pm

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