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Kirkland's, 4400 Fort Jackson Boulevard: July 2021   5 comments

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Frankly, I had no idea at all what kind of place Kirkland's is. Looking at their web site, it appears they are a home decor store, something which comes onto my radar with vanishing rarity.

This particular store was in the new strip creating by redeveloping the old Kmart complex. They seem to have closed without fanfare -- I can't find any stories about it online, and google seems to think it is still there.

According to their store locator, there are still two locations in the Midlands, one in Harbison, and one on Two Notch Road.

(Hat tip to commenter Joe Shlabotnik)

Written by ted on August 25th, 2021

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5 Responses to 'Kirkland's, 4400 Fort Jackson Boulevard: July 2021'

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  1. @Ted, I thought you did a closing on Kirkland's when they left Sandhills years and years ago. They moved from Sandhills to the Target/Dick's shopping center on Two Notch....if it's still there.


    26 Aug 21 at 8:35 am

  2. Here's the full scope on the Northeast Richland Kirkland's relocation Sidney mentioned:

    On either side of where Michael's was originally on Two Notch there was an OfficeMax (closed when OfficeMax closed their 3 Columbia locations ca. 2006) and a Linens N Things (closed ca. 2006/07 when the whole company liquidated). Michael's moved (ca. 2012) into the former Linens N Things space. Then the original Michael's and former OfficeMax were consolidated into Dick's Sporting Goods. When Michael's moved into the former Linens N Things they left a space to the right of it and that is where Kirkland's moved from their former Village at Sandhill location as Sidney indicated (I don't remember off the top of my head where they were in the 300 acre complex) and that is the Two Notch location ted referenced in the main post.

    The Harbison location is in Columbiana Station in a store I remember being Zainy Brainy when said complex first opened ca. 1999.


    26 Aug 21 at 10:29 am

  3. Kirklands was next to Sansbury Eye Clinic (or maybe it was Lens Crafters, I can't remember) But it was close to Moe's, maybe 1 or 2 doors down from Moe's.


    26 Aug 21 at 12:38 pm

  4. Back to Rosewood Crossing (where this store is): I read that Five Below was planning to set up shop here when Rosewood Crossing was first taking shape but apparently something fell through and that is when Kirkland's wound up setting up shop here. What is next is a chapter that is yet to be written...


    26 Aug 21 at 12:40 pm

  5. @Sidney -- it's certainly possible I did a closing on the Sandhill store. At this point I have done many closings I don't remember (Several times I have started a writeup on an empty building I noticed to find I already did it several years ago!)

    However, if I did, it must have vanished in one of the database crashes, because I don't see it anywhere now.


    26 Aug 21 at 11:11 pm

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