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West Marine, 421 Bush River Road: January 2018 (moved)   4 comments

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As reported in The State as the plan was announced, West Marine, has moved from Dutch Square to Columbiana Station.

I have not yet gotten a picture of the new location, but here is the company announcement of the opening and ribbon cutting at the new store on 19 March 2018.

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew, I believe)

Written by ted on April 27th, 2018

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4 Responses to 'West Marine, 421 Bush River Road: January 2018 (moved)'

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  1. Didn't Wes Bolick close here recently?


    27 Apr 18 at 10:44 am

  2. Wes Bolick did close here recently and I have a feeling that the post-closing pics represent a closed Wes Bolick (though that one isn't posted here yet)...


    27 Apr 18 at 11:51 am

  3. Opening Soon DOLLAR TREE


    29 Apr 18 at 1:19 pm

  4. Dollar Tree was at Dutch Square at one you exited Belk into the mall, it was 2 or 3 storefronts to the left (their former space is still a closed up spot surrounded by a black border in that general area as I don't think anything has opened up in their former space since last I knew)...I have a recollection of them even having a Richland Mall store at one point but I can't remember what part of the mall it was this is a case of a former store returning after a hiatus of approximately 15-20 years...


    29 Apr 18 at 4:00 pm

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