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Palace Theater, 1420 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach: 8 October 2016   2 comments

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While not one of the coast's great storms, Hurricane Matthew did damage enough. Our yard was under several feet of water apparently, though nothing was damaged aside from a trash caddy floating away. Other places, apparently at random, got it worse. One of the was Myrtle Beach's Palace Theater at Broadway at the Beach.

I never went to the Palace, thought I thought I was one time. Somehow or other, I convinced myself that this big theater must be the House of Blues, and that's where I headed when I had a ticket for the 1996 Beach Boys appearance there (Carl Wilson's last tour). In the event, when I got there I saw the name obviously did not match, and had to drive a further 10 miles or so. Fortunately I was running early.

I also ended up on their email list somehow, possibly from seeing a show at the other big theater in North Myrtle Beach, so I would get all the notices about the Christmas shows with the Rockettes.

I guessing that business must have been off from the peak years, otherwise they would have repaired and gone on (I do wonder about insurance, you would expect them to have it, at least for wind, and flood was not an issue here..), but that was not to be, as The Sun News recently reported.

The previous year or so has not been kind to big structures in Myrtle Beach.

(Hat tip to commenter Bobby)

Photoset 22 April 2017

UPDATE 1 May 2016:

Demolition has started.
Demolition video.

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  1. I worked at Broadway at the Beach when it first opened and saw a map of what was planned at the time. The Palace was going to be the first of about a dozen theatres surrounding the retail section. (a Branson in the round so to speak.) I only saw one show there, "Cats" and while I thought it was a nice facility, it did not strike me as being necessarily better than any similar theatre. In the end I think the House of Blues and its ability to draw in big name acts, and a younger clientele, ultimately doomed the Palace.


    26 Apr 17 at 7:05 pm

  2. we went to a Cirque Extreme show there last july 4. (they had an awesome special for $4 tickets for the 4th). At that time, they had huge portable air conditioning units running outside with the air being piped in. It was not working real well, and it was pretty uncomfortable temp wise for the audience. But at $4 a seat... who cared. I can't help but think there was some major money that needed to be invested in the building even before the Matthew damage. Hurricaine Matthew could have just been the icing on the cake for building demolition decisions.


    27 Apr 17 at 9:36 am

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