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Bundrick's Kar Kare / Pope Davis Tire & Alignment, 2368 Taylor Street: Summer 2014   9 comments

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Commenter Matt points out that the Pope Davis on the corner of Taylor and Millwood has closed.

This was one of those open-air auto operations that you don't see much anymore -- certainly no more in this style are being built. (And some, like this have been knocked down.)

You can stll see the Bundrick's label scar on the awning. The building is still apparently owned by Pope Davis as it has not been emptied, and as yet there is no For Sale sign.

(Hat top to commenter Matt)

Written by ted on November 14th, 2014

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9 Responses to 'Bundrick's Kar Kare / Pope Davis Tire & Alignment, 2368 Taylor Street: Summer 2014'

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  1. In the 1950's through maybe the early 1960's, this building was a "drive in" restaurant similar to "The Varsity" ( I know the Varsity didn't have "Car Hops") on North Main. The place looks pretty much the same as it did back 50+ years ago. Not sure though when it became a tire place or whatever it was. My Dad told me what the name of this place was, but don't remember off hand, so I'll have to ask again.


    14 Nov 14 at 10:19 am

  2. This is an area my grandmother refused to patronize. To this day I am hesitant to patronize it thanks to her despite the fact that she's gone before us now.

    Walk along the sidewalk towards Harden Street and you'll pass a former Captain D's as well as a Food Lion that had a lot of foot traffic with merchandise getting legs from what others have said...


    14 Nov 14 at 7:52 pm

  3. There used to be about five Kar Kare places in Columbia. I am not sure if any of them are left now.


    15 Nov 14 at 6:02 am

  4. I believe the Kar Kare in West Columbia is still in business.

    Mike L.

    15 Nov 14 at 11:22 am

  5. Yes..the one over in West Columbia is still there. I know it's been there since 1964 or at least 50 years in the same place.


    15 Nov 14 at 10:05 pm

  6. My Dad used to swear by Pope-Davis back in the day. It was the only place he would go for tires. When I bought my first z/28 back in '79 I went there for tires because they had the only Uniroyal's that would fit the vehicle. They may have been the only Uniroyal dealer in Columbia.


    16 Nov 14 at 3:02 am

  7. I used to take my 65 Mustang and my Buick Regal over to Pope-Davis when Mr. Pope and Mr. Davis were still there, but when they sold out to another company, they kept the name "Pope-Davis" but in name only. The quality of work went from good to really bad. They hire the Walmart rejects that cant work on a car. They destroyed my Buick Regal and it never ran the same again when I got it back in 2008. Don't trust Walmart, Pope-Davis, Grease Monkey, Jiffy Lube and other small places. If you wanna get you car worked on by certified mechanics, Irmo Tire is the place to go.


    16 Nov 14 at 10:33 am

  8. I recommend you steer clear of auto dealerships if you can as they don't do you any mom has a Saturn SL2 that she was going to the Saturn dealership for oil changes, etc. but then one day the change oil soon light came on and so we went to a Precision Tune place who found oil that hadn't been changed in over 10K miles (Some of it splattered on the waiting room floor in fact) and the receptionist told us, "dealerships don't do you any favors." Chain places IMO have a tendency to talk you into unnecessary repairs as well.

    I go to Discount Tire of Irmo and they do a good job...they'll even diagnose your car and if you purchase your tires there, they'll rotate them free of charge for the life of the tires. Plus I feel confident that they don't talk you into something unnecessary.


    16 Nov 14 at 12:43 pm

  9. My Mom likes to take her car to Kestner's on Broad River Rd. while I am partial to seven Oaks Automotive on Piney Grove Rd. Both places have treated us fairly and the prices are way more reasonable than the dealerships. They may make recommendations for service to be performed but they do not try to cram things down your throat.

    @Andrew - I have found that most any place, dealerships included, will not reset the engine oil life monitor when you get an oil change. I always have to reset it myself.

    I made the mistake of going to Grease Monkey one time too many. The first time I went there everything was fine but the last time they only put 5 quarts of oil in my car not knowing (or not caring) that it holds 7. Thank God the car warned me that the oil level was low when I cranked it up to leave.

    As far as buying parts, I also use a dealership as a last resort. I have to put my car in the shop next week to get a headlight motor and the driver's door switch panel replaced. The price for both from the dealership is around $600 + labor. I found NEW AC Delco replacement parts on Amazon for a total of $225 and I know the labor charges will be a lot less at Seven Oaks.....


    16 Nov 14 at 11:47 pm

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