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Kershaw Tire Inc #1, 3300 Main Street: early 2009   7 comments

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I love building designs like this. While I have no information, something about it just says 1950s. Look at the wooden-slat-sided service bays with wooden tool cabinets. No one builds them like that anymore! It's too bad it was one of our recent string of rainy days -- I'd like to get those banners and marquees in afternoon sunlight.

Anyway.. This was apparently the first location of Kershaw Tire. I don't know much about it. To the best of my memory nobody in our family ever took a car there, but I guess I must have seen it from time to time while it was open. The writing across the front windows suggests they moved to Knox Abbott, but google picks up some hits on the Knox Abbott address as Kershaw Tire Inc #2, so I suspect it's more likely they consolidated there rather than "moving". The signage in the enclosed office area looks fairly recent, so I'm saying this location closed afer Y2K.

UPDATE 28 May 2009: Commenter Jason points to evidence that the place could have closed no earlier than 2003.

UPDATE 7 June 2009: Post title originally pegged the closings date as mid-2000s. Early 2009 appears to be the actual date and I have updated the title accordingly.

UPDATE 29 Oct 2010 -- Just for reference, here is the 727 Knox Abbott location, which is still going:

UPDATE 6 Nov 2010 -- Commenter Jamie reports the Main Street building was demolished on 19 August 2010. It was certainly all gone by the time I took these photos on 4 Sep 2010:

Written by ted on May 28th, 2009

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7 Responses to 'Kershaw Tire Inc #1, 3300 Main Street: early 2009'

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  1. It was 2003 or later, the car on the left poster on the cashier's desk is a 350Z, and those came out in 2003.


    28 May 09 at 7:47 pm

  2. I'll update the post title to mid-2000s. If I had held the camera a bit higher, the date on the telephone book might be visible..


    28 May 09 at 10:31 pm

  3. This might have been just in the past six months.


    29 May 09 at 8:33 am

  4. Yeah, it had to have closed in early 2009. I used to pass this place every day on my way to work and I remember they had two tires covered with Christmas lights as wreaths back around the holidays. Someone (I'm guessing the owner) always parked a brand new Highlander out front so I assumed they were doing okay..

    Will IV

    6 Jun 09 at 8:16 pm

  5. OK, I'll change the date in the post title to 2009.


    7 Jun 09 at 1:13 am

  6. They tore this building down yesterday.


    20 Aug 10 at 11:22 am

  7. I know this building was there back in the early 60's but may have been a few years before..late 50's maybe?


    20 Aug 10 at 1:05 pm

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