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Ichiban, 7550 Garners Ferry Road: Early October 2014   9 comments

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Commenter Trevin reports that Ichiban in the old Ryan's / Fire Mountain building on Garners Ferry looks to have closed, and unfortunately that is the case. You can see some of the classic signs of a closing at the front entrance: freebie newspapers that haven't been taken inside, and a vendor note. Judging from that note, the place has been closed at least a week.

(Hat tip to commenter Trevin)

Written by ted on October 7th, 2014

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9 Responses to 'Ichiban, 7550 Garners Ferry Road: Early October 2014'

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  1. I live about one and a half miles from this restaurant.
    Never went to Ichiban when they were open, I do not really care for Oriental, Asian or Japanese food so much.
    I did enjoy Fire Mountain the first time I ate there but after the second time, not so much. Then never went when it was a Ryan's either.
    Kind of a shame, nice building. Looks like it could be a nice ski lodge somewhere. Maybe a bed and breakfast.
    Sportsman's Warehouse? Cabela's? Bass Pro Shop?
    Probably will continue having a hard time as a restaurant.


    7 Oct 14 at 2:30 am

  2. I'm about 3 miles from the place and have eaten there on a handful of occasions. They had a nice selection of food, but most of it was pretty bland. Each time I went I vowed it to be my last. So far the best places of this ilk were the Red Chili-pepper seafood in the vista, The Manderine on Beltline where Casa Lindas is now, and The Splendid China Buffet on Two Notch. (All different places now.)


    7 Oct 14 at 5:38 am

  3. I agree that it was pretty bland--and I had eaten there a fair amount--but they were one of the few places of this kind that had flog regs on menu.


    7 Oct 14 at 10:31 am

  4. Being Japanese, I would love to have those Foo Dogs in the front.


    7 Oct 14 at 10:51 am

  5. Sidney - Like my Japanese friend told me when I went to Japan and saw something I liked, He said "You like, You can have" Of course he was talking about beer mugs or a nice set of chopsticks at a restaurant or something, but I was always afraid he was going to get me busted by the Ninja Warriors.
    I never got busted and I did bring back some nice mugs and sticks. But speaking of sticks, I like the cheapo bamboo ones just as much or better than the $$$ ones.


    7 Oct 14 at 11:30 am

  6. @Rick, yeah the chop sticks with the paint always chip off. So you know for sure you are eating paint chips somewhere along the way. I stopped buying the fancy ones with designs and stuff because of that. Like you said, the cheap bamboo ones are good enough. My mom buys the disposable ones by the bulk so I usually just get some from her from time to time. I am teaching my 4 year old how to use chop sticks. He is pretty good with them and I am so proud of him.


    7 Oct 14 at 1:09 pm

  7. I don't know muich about Cabela's but when Rick wodners if it'd be a bed & breakfast, Sportsman's Warehouse or Bass Pro Shops, I must indicate to you that this building is too small for those.

    This building measures at approximately 10K square feet.

    Sportsman's Warehouse (476 Piney Grove Road) is approximately 60K square feet. Plus Columbia is one of only 5 locations they have in the entire southeast (Chattanooga, Roanoke, Southaven (MS) and Lexington (KY)) making me think that it's more likely that they'd look in another city before opening a second Columbia location...most of their locations are in the western half of the lower 48 (think Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico westward) but they have some Alaska locaitons as well...Stu Utgaard (former CEO of Sportman's Warehouse) personally selected the Piney Grove Road site in 2006 and somehow it survived despite a journey through bankruptcy at one point...I was happy to see it because it meant the demolition of a burned out truck stop.

    The only Bass Pro Shops I'm familiar with is in the Richmond area near family I have there and I've gathered it to be approximately 100K square feet...I've heard people spend hours browsing that type of place.

    I also feel that it's too small for a hotel and in order to overhaul it for a hotel, it'd have to be razed. I think steakhouse-type restaurants aren't as popular as they used to be and it's bigger than most 'table service' restaurants would be. I think Harbor Inn Seafood would be a possibility as they've taken over a couple of similar restaurants like this...but only time will tell...


    7 Oct 14 at 10:38 pm

  8. Well, this is disappointing. We ate there a few times; the food was pretty good for a buffet, I thought.

    I went past when they were initially closed (claiming they would re-open on October 1st) and saw guys putting stuff in the dumpster - this was about September 27 or so. I thought they were just cleaning up.


    13 Oct 14 at 8:21 pm

  9. Just got the Columbia Mint coupon clipper in the mail.
    There is a an ad and coupons for Ichiban.
    Must of been a last minute closing.

    ken holler

    19 Oct 14 at 2:08 am

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