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"Now the calendar is just one page, of course I am excited.."   no comments

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Well, I'm sure longtime readers have been wondering when this was coming, but consider how lonely your wall will be when you have to take down the 2015 calendar. Why not keep your wall happy with a brand spanking new 2016 Pawleys Island calendar? Happy walls make a happy house.

This year, we have a brand new set of Island images in either 11" x 8.5":

Pawleys Island 2016 Wall Calendar

Or large 14.25" x 11":

Pawleys Island Large Wall Calendar
Pawleys Island Large Wall Calendar by OnlyAtPawleys
Look at more Pawleys island Calendars at zazzle

And don't forget all of the other calendar designs are still available as well!

Written by ted on December 14th, 2015

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Kotas Your Way!, 5423-B Augusta Road (Lexington): Fall 2015   1 comment

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This storefront, co-located with a convenience store, was orginally Kotas Sandwiches. After that closed, the place re-opened for a while as Kotas Your Way!.

It appears from the signage, and the food truck parked in the lot that the new owners have closed the storefront and now concentrate on catering chiken & pizza from two food trucks.

UPDATE 11 July 2016 -- Now PK-BBQ:




Written by ted on December 11th, 2015

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Mari's Lake House, 1605 North Lake Drive: 2015   5 comments

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Mari's Lake House was the followup operation to Bentley's Beach House in this North Lake Drive building in Lexington.

As far as I can tell, the setup was very similar, with even the same AMF Sunfish still sitting in the parking lot. I'm pretty sure the free beer offer was new though..

(Hat tip to commenter badger)

UPDATE 30 August 2016 -- Now Levi's Lake House:


UPDATE 27 January 2022: Adding map icon. Putting in a closing date, which I apparently forgot to do originally.

Written by ted on December 10th, 2015

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Feel Goods, 2632 Decker Boulevard: 6 October 2015   2 comments

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Feel Goods, in the old Taco Bell and Nick's location on Decker, is an interesting case of a flood closing.

This building is raised a good bit above the old Captain's Kitchen location where Decker washed through during the 6 October 2015 flood, and I don't believe there was water in the building. However, it was nonetheless on a section of road that was closed for several weeks, and that loss of access and business was apparently enough to tip the scales, at least for now. Hopefully they will be back, but there is no signage indicating anything one way or the other.

UPDATE 9 February 2016 -- It's official now, the building is up for sale:


Written by ted on December 8th, 2015

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Brookgreen Gardens Nights Of A Thousand Candles 2015, Brookgreen Gardens: 4 December 2015   no comments

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4 December this year was one of the warmer iterations of Brookgreen Gardens Nights of 1000 Candles, and by that, I mean that I could feel the buttons on my camera without my hands going numb.

As usual, the Gardens were beautifully lit, and there were entertainment tents with jazz, vocal ensembles and rock sounds of the season and wandering bagpipers. My impression is that they are getting a little bolder in color choices for the lights though of course the hundreds of candles, floading candles and luminaries remain.

The festival runs for two more weekends, on 10-12 December and 17-20 December and if you have a chance, I highly reccommend you go.

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Decker Billaid, 1803 Decker Boulevard: Fall 2015   3 comments

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For many years this was Decker Billiard Club. It closed briefly and re-opened, probably unintentionally, as Decker Billaid.

I drove by recently and noticed the place is now a latin club called Serena Lounge.

Written by ted on December 3rd, 2015

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Saky Japanese Restaurant, 4963 Fort Jackson Boulevard: 4 October 2015 (temporary)   16 comments

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Here's another Great Flood of 2015 casualty.

This little restaurant on the Fort Jackson gate off I-77 has been there under one name or another for years. Originally, it was Saki, then when the current owner, who was working for the former owners, bought it out, he changed the name to Saky. This is what The State had to say:

“Who expected all this rain and the flood?” Sun Suk said as repairs continue on the eatery on Fort Jackson Boulevard at I-77.

The 7,500-square-foot structure housing Saky was damaged by the same flash flood Oct. 4 that inundated homes in the King’s Grant neighborhood.

Saky bore the brunt of the flood on its side of the road.

Two feet of water came inside and a tree fell on part of the restaurant after the bank of a nearby creek eroded in the rush of water.

“I walked in and it was a little wet, so I thought maybe it wasn’t too bad,” Sun said. “Then I went in back and could see the sky from inside of the building, so I knew I had a big problem.”

The first picture is from some years ago, the others from after the flood, though I could not get too close.

Hopefully they will be back soon.


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