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West Columbia Plants & Produce, 1102 Charleston Highway: Fall 2010   no comments

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This small nursery was on The Charleston Highway before it joins up with Knox Abbott Drive. These pictures are from mid September, and the going out of business sign is already up, but it seems to me that activity continued there for several more months -- I had some later pictures, but I can't put my hands on them right now.

The few times I've wanted to buy some plants, the first thing that always occurs to me is the garden department at Lowe's or Home Depot, and I suspect those big-box operations have really hurt these independent operations.

UPDATE 13 July 2012 -- Here's a few more pictures of the place I just found hiding on my drive:



Written by ted on April 14th, 2011

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Dick Smith Nissan, 4030 West Beltline Boulevard: March 2011 (moved)   4 comments

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Dick Smith is the latest dealership to abandon Beltline Boulevard. This location is just past the PIggly Wiggly and almost across the street from the former Newsome Chevvy World.

The new location opened just a little while ago at 9940 Two Notch Road:

This, of course is the location of the former Brickyard Shopping Center, which was totally razed for the Dick Smith buildings.

UPDATE 23 December 2011 -- As reported in the comments, the former Dick Smith on Beltline has been demolished:

Written by ted on April 13th, 2011

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Hoof 'n' Finz, 3415 US-17 Murrells Inlet: 2010   no comments

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I have a weakness for mermaids, but Hoof 'n' Finz in Murrells Inlet was not somewhere I ever ate.

What makes this closing notable for me is that it opens up a Murrells Inlet restaurant space for the return of the much missed Rosa Linda's.

This note from the Weekly Surge, along with this one make me hopeful, as the Favata family was involved with the original restaurants. Apparently the current plan is to be open for Cinco de Mayo, though I have to say, after looking over the work going on at the place, that will be pushing it.

This property listing notes some of the plusses and minuses of the location. Apparently the building is "majestic", but Suck-Bang-Blow is right across the street (spun as a positive in the listing "If this restaurant was ran correctly"..). Of course that only makes it difficult to deal with a couple of weeks a year.

Looking forward to it!

(Hat tip to commenter Buddy)

UPDATE 14 May 2011 -- Well, they are open! (And did make their Cinco deadline):

Written by ted on April 11th, 2011

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Arnold's Professional Cleaners, 3902-A Two Notch Road: late 2000s   2 comments

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Here's another vacancy in the little plaza at Two Notch and Pine Belt. This one was unfortunately shot against the sun, but is a former Arnold's Professional Cleaners.

Except for the occasional stop at Food Lion, I get to this strip very seldom, but it seems to me that a lingerie store was in this slot not too very long ago.

I believe however that the Arnold's chain itself has been around Columbia for a long time. Growing up, I was sure they were somehow connected with Arnold Palmer since he and Arnold the pig from Green Acres were the only times I heard the name. (This was way before the Govenator).

Written by ted on April 11th, 2011

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Auto Image, 4967 Two Notch Road, March 2011   no comments

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When I first wrote about this Two Notch building a few weeks ago in a closing for Huddle House, it was For Sale but still in business. Now, it is still For Sale but out of business.

It's not a bad little building and I'm sure something else will go in. Certainly, the adjacent Hi LIne Imports didn't stay vacant long.

Written by ted on April 9th, 2011

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Piggly Wiggly / Harris Teeter, 9710 Two Notch Road: 2000s   32 comments

Posted at 1:56 am in closing

LoopNet says this store was once a Piggly Wiggly, but it's the Harris Teeter label-scar most visible on the side of the building next to CVS.

For some reason, I always get Harris Teeter and Winn Dixie confused, and I had it in my mind that HT had abandoned South Carolina when that was actually WD. However, it does appear that Harris Teeter has abandoned Columbia. Their store locator shows the closest location as being around Rock HIll.

Currently this whole plaza is mostly empty except for the CVS and some sort of bank back-office-looking building. That's a little surprising given that it serves Polo Road, which I tend to think of as an upscale area, and not really in line with the Food Lion which anchors the next plaza on Two Notch, on the other side of Polo.

UPDATE 27 February 2014 -- This is to be a Planet Fitness gym:







Written by ted on April 8th, 2011

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Golf Headquarters, 7814 Two Notch Road: April 2011   5 comments

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While I was stuck in traffic Wednesday afternoon on Two Notch at I-77, I noticed that Golf Headquarters, in the old Galaxy World building, is gone, or has been bought out.

The signs for Edwin Watts Golf are still quite temporary looking, and I'm pretty sure I drove that stretch in daylight quite recently, so I'm calling early this month as the changeover date. It continues to amaze me how much commercial activity is centered around the most boring game in the world -- (with apologies to my college roommate..)

UPDATE 7 January 2013: Fix street address from 7813 to 7814. Add pictures.

Written by ted on April 7th, 2011

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King Arthur's Restaurant / Mother Truckers / Pizza Bistro, 725 Broad River Road + Heilig-Meyers Furniture Co, 100 Greystone Boulevard : 1970s/2001 etc   28 comments

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Wine And Dine In Elegance -- The ad is from the 1970 Southern Bell phonebook, and continues the tradition of restaurants being generally open later in those days than now. King Arthur's also continues the theme started here a few weeks about Medieval English themed restaurants in Columbia. The ad doesn't give you much idea what to expect, but surely they must have had round tables and drinking grails..

I have to admit I have absolutely no memory of King Arthur's. That stretch of Broad River road was one we practically never took in the 1970s, and I would have had my nose in a book at any rate. The property is owned by Wray now though the don't seem to use the 725 street number. I'm not sure if they building is King Arthur's or if that was knocked down. The current building doesn't look much like a restaurant to me.

After King Arthur's, the place was at least two other restaurants. Mother Tuckers apparently ran from 1992 to 1995, and I have no information on Pizza Bistro other than one site believes it was a music venue.

UPDATE 6 April 2011 -- Well, from all the comments I found that the above pictures focus on the wrong Wray lot, and that King Arthur's was more on the other side of Riverhill Circle on the lot where the curvy white Wray building now is. The pictured building is 100 Greystone Boulevard and a former Heilig-Meyers furniture store until its closure in 2001. This ad is from the Feb 1997 Bellsouth phonebook:

UPDATE 9 April 2011 -- Commenter Dick sends this yearbook picture posed in front of King Arthur's:

Written by ted on April 6th, 2011

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Gibson Uniforms, 3901 Two Notch Road: 2010 (moved)   no comments

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Gibson Uniforms was in the little strip mall at the top of the hill where Two Notch Road and Pine Belt Road intersect. It's a fairly new development, but has never really seemed to thrive. The Food Lion which moved from the other side of Beltline and Family Dollar do good business, but the other storefronts seem to turn over fairly often.

At some point in 2010, according to their sign, and the 2010 & 2011 phonebooks, Gibson relocated to Fashion Place on Decker Boulevard, countering several closings there.

UPDATE 8 July 2011: Added picture of their new storefront in Fashion Place

Written by ted on April 5th, 2011

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Circle K, 4760 Forest Drive: 1 April 2011 (open again)   20 comments

Posted at 2:49 am in closing

For most of my life, this building was a Gulf Station and was our default family choice for gas and light service.

After the place closed as a Gulf, it seemed to go through several phases that I am now hazy on. In particular, I think there was a period after it was a full service station and before Circle K when it was still a gas-only station, but without service. During this period, the service bays were closed, but the car-wash bay was still in operation, and you could get a code to with each fill-up to go through the wash.

Circle K took over the place in sort of a half-hearted way. They never really committed to making the place a "modern" convenience store, and the service and wash bays remained walled off, but unconverted, forcing the convenience operation into a really small cramped space. In particular, they never put in interior bathrooms as all stores now do, and the old Gulf restrooms on the Trenholm Road side of the station remained the only ones (though they were never ADA-ed).

Though the place remained my default gas station, there were some inconvenient touches to that aspect as well. First they gradually closed off the Trenholm Road door. At first sometimes you would go and it would be open and sometimes it would be locked, then finally it was always locked. Second, they took the pump locks off the pump handles. That meant you had to hold the pump handle throughout the whole fueling operation. I think some places feel this is a safety issue, but I say that's bunk. Thirdly, from time to time, they seemed to have the slowest pumps in SC. On those days, I think if I had not pre-paid, I would have just driven off rather than wait for the gentle trickle to creep up to $20. (Of course nothing *creeps* to $20 nowdays..)

Initially when the place was a Union 76, even though the store itself was technically a Circle K, they signage played up the 76 affiliation, and the Circle K branding was almost invisible. Sometime last fall, they completely, and messily, disaffiliated from Union 76, knocking out the logo panel on their street sign, and pasting Circle K branding on the pumps (take off the pumps now that the CK is closed).

(Hat tip to commenter Matt)

UPDATE 23 May 2011 -- various pictures as below:

On 17 May, it appeared that the underground tanks were being pumped dry:

On 18 May, they started digging up the underground tanks. Hopefully all those holes in the tanks were made during the excavation:

By 21 May, the tanks had been carted off:

By 22 May, the hole has been partly filled in, the pumps are off in the corner, and the next step is unclear. Knock the building down? Start an interior refit?

UPDATE 16 June 2011 -- Hmm. New sign, and it appears that the building is slated to be torn down. A ground lease is a type of lease where the tennant gets to build on the land during the lease period, and of course build-to-suit means a new building as well. Looking at the supports for the canopy on the Trenholm Road side, it appears that they have already decided that backing into things doesn't matter anymore..

UPDATE 18 July 2011 -- Well, demolition has started. Already the canopies have been knocked down. They haven't torn into the building itself as far as the walls go, but it sure doesn't look like it's long for the world:

UPDATE 19 July 2011 -- Well the end has come! Interestingly, the bathrooms were the last piece left standing. I shot some video of them knocking down part of the bathroom wall, but it didn't come out:

UPDATE 19 July 2011: The whole building is down now. Also added first pic of Circle K logo at top:

UPDATE 20 July 2011: Add 18 July 2011 photoset below.

UPDATE 21 July 2011: Today they knocked down the street sign and the trailer is gone. (No pix yet). Also I added the 19 July photoset below.

UPDATE 23 September 2011 -- Well, the place is apparently to be a Circle K again according to the new sign in the lot. And in the meantime, the old chargecard sign hangs on..

UPDATE 5 May 2012 -- It appears that new construction has finally started, or at least excavation:







UPDATE 21 May 2012 -- Landscaping and excavation continue and now they have boarded out the foundations for part of the new construction. Apparently they will be building in what was green space in the former Bell's Drive-In as well as the old Gulf/Circle K lot. At least my memory is that Gulf & Bell's sort of shared a parking lot, but that Bell's itself sat in this little strip between the gas station and the drugstore which never had a building after Bell's was torn down:









UPDATE 2 June 2012 -- The new underground tanks are going in:








UPDATE 6 June 2012 -- Looks like it's going to be a fairly small building:






UPDATE 17 August 2012 -- The new building is almost ready to open. In fact, I saw a car pull up to the "Redbox" and apparently rent a movie:









UPDATE 12 September 2012 -- The construction is finished, and the new store is open. I was conflicted as to whether I should mark the post as "open again" given that it is a completely new building, but in the end I did. If it ever closes again though, it will get a separate closing..






Photoset 18 July 2011
Photoset 19 July 2011
Photoset 20 May 2012

UPDATE 29 March 2023: Adding map icon & updating tags.


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