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All Star Cafe / Club Kryptonite, 2925 Hollywood Drive (Myrtle Beach): 31 October 2009   6 comments

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Club Kryptonite was in what is actually one of the more normal looking buildings in its section of US-17 Bypass (just north of Broadway At The Beach) in Myrtle Beach. Sure it is somewhat cylindrical, has huge torches and a comic-book logo on the front, but it's not a pyramid like the nearby Hard Rock Cafe or a really awkward looking sphere like the next-door Planet Hollywood.

I would hear the Club Kryptonite commercials from time to time on the radio at the beach, and they always made it sound like a really hip, risque, happening, appealing place, except for the fact that I'm years past the target demo, don't dance, hardly drink, don't much like loud techno or hip-hop and get stopped up if there's any smoke in the air... Still I wouldn't have minded seeing the inside.

Looking at the club's fossil web page and various fliers one thing that is somewhat surprising is that there is no mention of any connection with DC Comics. It's obvious that the club's logo is meant to invoke Superman's chest shield and, of course, Kryptonite is the fictional substance that is Superman's one weakness (OK, he's also vulnerable to magic, but that's not as widely known..). Obviously the club couldn't use the famous "S" logo without permission, but apparently DC neglected to ever trademark the word "Kryptonite". (I actually think the spelling "Klub Kryptonite" would have worked a little better, appropos to nothing).

According to the Myrtle Beach Sun News, Halloween 2009 was the club's last gasp:

The party’s over at Club Kryptonite.

The business’s owner, Maximus Entertainment, LLC, was sued by Burroughs & Chapin Co. Inc. on Nov. 4 for a breach of contract and served an eviction notice the day before for unpaid rent, according to court documents. The club rented the building from B&C.

Club Kryptonite, located at 2925 Hollywood Dr. in Myrtle Beach, had until Nov. 17 to vacate the building or respond to the notice, and the decision was made to vacate, said co-owner Andrew Manios.

The decrease in sales this year, combined with the increase in rent and additional insurance policies the business had to take on, made it hard to pay the bills, Manios said.

The club opened in April of 2002 and had its last night of operation on Halloween.

I believe that this is the final radio ad and that this is the final promotion:

More pictures and audio after the jump..

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Written by ted on January 16th, 2010

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