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Red Beans and Rice Jazz Cafe / Sugar Daddy's Jazz Cafe, 300 Saint Andrews Road Suite 10: ????   no comments

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I admit to being a little confused about the status of this place. I have never seen any cars there, and the Facebook page shows no recent activity. Furthermore, I recently drove by there at 10pm on a Saturday night and everything was dark. But there is no indication on the door that they are out of business, the street sign seems fairly new, and there are recent google reviews.

Can anyone confirm whether they are open or closed?

HobbyTown USA, 10120 Two Notch Road Suite 5: May 2018 (moved)   no comments

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As reported by commenter Ralph, HobbyTown USA, home of

Radio Control, Models, Rockets, Games & Toys and more!

has left Two Notch Road for the former Tuesday Morning location at The Clusters Of Whitehall:





At one time, I was very into model rockets, having only the slight problem that my father was adamantly against my ever having any (I believe now, having read more, that he was probably thinking of "amateur rocketry" from the 50s where people would regularly manage to blow themselves up rather than "model rocketry"). There used to be a store on Forest Drive with either Centauri or Estes rockets, and a store at Boozer with both if I recall correctly, and I would go to look whenever I could. In the end, he kind of had to agree when it was an approved school project, but darned if one guy didn't manage to set the polo field on fire anyway..

All of which is to say, I'm sure I would be checking out out HobbyTown if I were still 14!

(Hat tip to commenter Ralph)

Tuesday Morning, 326 Saint Andrews Road: May 2017 (moved)   5 comments

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This 9 May 2017 State story is a bit inspecific, but we can conclude two things from it:

1) Tuesday Morning is opening a store in the old Hancock Fabrics location on Harbison, and

2) As of May 2017, this store on Saint Andrews Road was still open.

What they *don't* say is that *this* store was moving to Harbison, but given that the Harbision store is apparently now open, and has the same phone number that this one did, I think we can safely conclude that.

Also somewhat interesting, is that the story still refers to this plaza as The Clusters of Whitehall.

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

UPDATE 9 October 2017 -- Here is the new location of the store in Harbison Court:



UPDATE 22 June 2018 -- The old Tuesday Morning is now HobbyTown USA:



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