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Sunset Tattoos / Smart Cars, Inc. / Enterprise Rent-A-Car / Certified Cars Online, Inc., 4835 Sunset Boulevard: 2011 (etc)   1 comment

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There are some adjectives that I never know what to make of when they are used in advertising or business names. Certified is one such. Are they certifying that the objects on their lot are indeed cars? It's sort of like those dodgy collectible items with a "certificate of authenticity" as if that couldn't be faked as well as the item.

At any rate, Certified Cars Online, Inc. seems to have been the last tenant in this apparently revolving-door lot on Sunset Boulevard between I-20 and Target. The one review I see for Sunset Tattoos indicates that it was in business as of 2008, and I'm guessing the other car operations before Certified came after that. (It's possible that some of them (Enterprise for instance) were run concurrently with Certified).

Here's an archived copy of the Certified site on the Internet Wayback Machine.

It appears the closing note could be taken as a confession of sorts, though I doubt that's how it was meant..

UPDATE 18 July 2013 I'm guessing that when I listed Enterprise Rent-A-Car in the post title above, I had googled the address and had that come up as one of the hits. As it turns out, that was something still in the future for this site at the time. Now Enterprise has made the move from 5184 Sunset, and is in operation on this lot now:


Written by ted on March 1st, 2012

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