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Eckerd Drugs / Rite Aid / Walgreens, 5900 North Main Street: 11 June 2020   5 comments

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This Walgreen's was originally an Eckerd's and then a Rite Aid, as you can see from the design of the building. It sits on an oddly shapped lot at the intersection of North Main & Colonial, and was the only drug store in the general vicinity.

Here is a story from The State about the closing, and how the neighborhood was very unhappy about it. Here's more from WLTX

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

Long's Drugs, 9019 Garners Ferry Road Suite C: 24 March 2020   1 comment

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Here's another Long's Drugs, this one in Hopkins not far from Lower Richland High School.

The story is the same for all Long's locations: The chain decided to exit the retail pharmacy business.

I had not realized there was a branch of Richland Library in this strip. I believe it must be the smallest location in the county.

Long's Drugs, 630 Kilbourne Road: 24 March 2020   no comments

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Long's Drugs folded their retail operation on 24 March 2020. In retrospect, it was probably good timing as their stores were not larg mini-department stores like Walgreens & CVS, and purely medical business has been hurt by the current crisis with many doctor's appointments being cancelled. The company itself remains in business, serving institutional clients. WLTX has the story here.

This particular location is at the corner of Kilbourne Road & Devine Street, adjacent to the Piggly Wiggly. It has good traffic light access, but is too small to become a convenience store, so I'm not sure what is next for the property. Looking inside, it appears that Long's has not completely finished vacating yet, and I didn't notice any real estate sign on the property.

I shoped at this store once, when I was living out of town and needed a prescription filled after visiting a local doc-in-a-box for something or other. I recall being struck by how odd it was to be in a drug store that was almost wholly dedicated to being a drug store. An era is passing.

(Hat tip to commenter Beth)

Written by ted on May 12th, 2020

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Rite Aid, 2300 Decker Boulevard: 2018   10 comments

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We'll stay with Decker Village for another closing. The store at the far right end of the plaza started as an Eckerd, transitioned into a Rite Aid and is now a Walgreen's.

This is the least Walgreen's looking Walgreen's in Columbia, and is the only one I can think of off the top of my head that is not a standalone building. To be fair, it wasn't a very Rite Aid looking Rite Aid either.

Written by ted on June 3rd, 2019

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Rite Aid, 1215 Longreen Parkway: July 2018   2 comments

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Another day, another Rite Aid. This one was on Longreen Parkway at Clemson Road. You can see it with all the branding in place at thie LoopNet listing.

I could be wrong, but at this point I believe the only Rite Aid still in operation as such is the Forest Acres one.

(Hat tip to commenter Bobby)

Written by ted on August 6th, 2018

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Rite Aid, 1501 Broad River Road: July 2018   9 comments

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Here's another Rite Aid this one where the River Roads come together at Boozer Shopping Center. I am having a little trouble thinking of a Walgreens within a mile of here, which is the usual closing criteria for this transition.

Apparently the LoopNet folks decided they already had a photo on file and didn't need another one -- that's certainly a blast from the past.

Rite Aid, 7338 Broad River Road: 18 June 2018   2 comments

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Not great pix, but here is another Rite Aid which has the misfortune to be directly across the street from a Walgreens (the one at 7412 Broad River Road). It's a decent location, perhaps CVS could move in. Their nearest store is at Saint Andrews Road, so that's really another market. Of course the Publix in the strip behind the store has a pharmacy as well, so there is still a bit of competition there.

The end here is slated for 18 June 2018.

Written by ted on June 13th, 2018

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CVS Pharmacy, 1013 Broad River Road: Late January 2014   16 comments

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I find it a little curious that the CVS in Broad River Centre near Greystone Boulevard has closed. The co-located Food Lion does a good business (and does not have a pharmacy). In addition, there is only one other drug store in the general area, and that's a Rite Aid, and a) It's not that close and b) Why send them customers? (The actual CVS location that prescriptions are being redirected to is way down at Saint Andrews Road, probably not a good alternative for folks in this area).

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

UPDATE 6 February 2019 -- Now Beauty World:


Written by ted on February 20th, 2014

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Liggett Rexall in Trenholm Plaza: 1970s   2 comments

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"Liggett's", as we called it, was in Trenholm Plaza more or less where The Fresh Market now is.

Liggett's was a Rexall drugstore, and like most drugstores, carried a good bit of general merchandise. Unlike most drugstores today, it also had a lunch counter, which, unlike Campbell's Drugstore across Forest Drive, boasted booths as well a counter seating. Before the invasion of Columbia by burger chains, Liggett's was one of the most convienient places in Forest Acres to have lunch. We didn't do it that often. I now eat out every day, but growing up, it was more like once or twice a week (almost always for Sunday lunch). I suspect we went to Liggett's when my mother was carting both of us kids around shopping. My clearest memory of eating there is the day my mother made me try ketchup, something she probably came to rue, since after that, I wanted it on everything!

Liggett's also had a now forgotten piece of equipment called a tube-tester. This was a complicated science-fiction looking console studded with tube sockets with a flip chart up above. You would look up your tube on the flip chart, put it in the correct socket, flip the indicated switches to the correct presets, let the tube "warm up" and then hit the test button. If the tube were good, a needle on the test meter would rise into the green zone. If it were bad, the needle would stay in red or amber. I was always pulling discarded radios and TVs from people's curbside trash on the assumption that I could fix them if I replaced the right tubes. There was actually something to this, but since we had several perfectly good radios and a working TV, my parents were generally not inclined to spring for buying new tubes when I found a bad one, and since my weekly allowance was $0.50, I wasn't often in a position to buy one. It was still fun testing though.

I'm a little hazy on exactly what happened to Liggett's. I have some idea that it might have been totally bought by Rexall, dropping the "Liggett's" name and then may have been bought out by Eckards, which definitely did eventually have a store in that general part of Trenholm Plaza. I think Campbell's outlasted it, and there was some sort of drugstore with a lunch counter that lasted at least into the late 80s (on Garner's Ferry), but I think all of the drugstores with lunch counters are gone from Columbia now. Am I wrong?

UPDATE 17 Nov 08: Thanks to commenter Dennis for the graphic of a tube tester. Try doing that with your Ipod!

UPDATE 14 March 2009: Added 1963 Yellow Pages ad.

UPDATE 30 April 2013: Added picture of the Rexall logo from an old sign displayed at the Antique Mall on Broad River Road.

UPDATE 11 October 2013: Here is an amazing picture of the old Trenholm Plaza, with Liggett's. Thanks to commenter Dennis for digging this up!

Written by ted on January 7th, 2008

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