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Fedex Kinko's, 7359 Two Notch Road: 17 Mar 2010 (name change)   no comments

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Well, it appears that FedEx has finally decided to deep-six the Kinko's brand for good.

At one time, Kinko's (here and in the old Winner's Circle) was the only copy-center operation around. Other than that, it was feed quarters at the library, grocery store or post office. Later, you could also access either a Mac or PC with a scanner, when such was otherwise uncommon, and then you could access the Internet when you absolutely positively had to send a PowerPoint file across the country right now.

I guess the fact that you would often be working on something that had to be shipped somehow or other attracted FedEx, which brought the chain in 2004, changing the name to FedEx Kinko's. Now with the transition to FedEx Office, the Kinko's name is totally gone.

Also, with the changing times, there is plenty of competition in the copy-center sphere, with shipping rival UPS weighing in as well as office stores like Staples and OfficeMax.

Written by ted on March 19th, 2010

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