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Stan Smith Realty, 4108 Rosewood Drive: 2009 (moved)   7 comments

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I like this compact two storey house on Rosewood near Beltline, though it is perhaps a little hard to get in and out of.

It was the onetime home of Stan Smith Realty who have moved to Millwood. It looks like the place is off the market though I saw no signs of activity there yet.

UPDATE 27 September 2014 -- It's now a used textbook shop:



Written by ted on June 20th, 2014

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7 Responses to 'Stan Smith Realty, 4108 Rosewood Drive: 2009 (moved)'

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  1. Ted I also like the house. I can envision it with a wrap around porch, but not with a flat roof porch.
    This house is about the size I will move into when I sell the one I'm in at the moment.
    Just now, the house I live in, I am not able to keep it up any longer at my age. When we purchased our house in 2004, it had been taken back by the bank because the previous owners could not make the payments. We got it for a good price, thinking we would stay there 4 or 5 years and sell. Who knew the market would crash? Now we are waiting for the market to recover, if it does at all, but over the past 12 months things are looking good.


    23 Jun 14 at 4:20 pm

  2. When I see a building like this, I always wonder what it used to be, and if it was a house, I wonder about the people who lived there. I wonder if the circular sign was original to the building or the realty co - just seems like an odd shape. The shape of it and the little stone wall in the one picture look older.

    @Rick - I know what you mean about the housing market. We lived in our first house for five years or so, and we now keep it as a rental since the market was so bad when we built our new house we didn't even try to sell. I did not want to be a landlord, but we were fortunate to find a great property management company and they handle everything for us. I will say that when we started looking for new houses back in 2011, the bad market enabled us to go ahead and build a custom home on land for less than what we would've paid for a non custom home at the time, so the bad market was a blessing in that way for us.


    23 Jun 14 at 5:00 pm

  3. @TahoeChic - I wonder the same about old houses that are converted for commercial use. Having grown up in Irmo when it was just a little sleepy railroad town in the 60's I knew all of the people that lived in the several remaining homes along the RR tracks that have been converted to commercial. I would love to walk through a couple of them to see if they sparked any memories. I have always wanted to take a stroll through the old Irmo Elementary School but I don't even know where to begin asking without coming off like a creep or a pedophile or


    24 Jun 14 at 12:44 am

  4. I tried to post this comment in the Marpie's thread, but did not see a "Leave a Reply" box. Feel free to move it once it gets entered. Homer/TahoeChick, interesting that you would comment on the old house converted to a business today, then Ted posts this business. The original location of Marpie's was in the 900-988 block of Meeting Street, in a little white house on the corner of Meeting & 9th. There was a storage warehouse in the back that contained furniture. I remember walking through the back door into the kitchen and just looking around, but it was laid out like a house, not so much like a business. I felt intrusive. There is another antiques store beside this one that is the same deal.


    24 Jun 14 at 2:09 pm

  5. @Jonathan- interesting! I have been in one of those antique stores a few years ago, but it was further down Meeting. I grew up in West Columbia though, and I remember the house you're talking about.


    24 Jun 14 at 8:00 pm

  6. Funny - this is my husband's business! I know that the house was a law firm for several years before he moved in, but don't know if it was ever a residence. Unfortunately, being next to Direct Discount Beverage didn't always keep the best clientele around the building and was broken into several times. His new office on Millwood is a great building across from Mad Platter where there are several houses-turned-commercial all in a row. And TahoeChic - Stan says his former business partner made the sign when they first moved in!

    Mary Douglass

    2 Jul 14 at 9:40 pm

  7. This business apparently belonged to the grandson of noted Columbia businessman James Bernard 'Bee' Harper.


    5 Jul 14 at 5:20 pm

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