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Ocean Fresh Seafood, 2000-6 Clemson Road: 2010s   1 comment

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Here's a vacant storefront in Magnolia Pointe at the corner of Clemson & Hardscrabble Roads. To me the most notable thing is that they were open for breakfast, which is unusual for a seafood restaurant.

I'm unable to find a phonebook listing for this place, but don't recall noticing it on my last drive-through, so I'm guessing it closed within the last few years.

Written by ted on March 27th, 2014

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  1. The owner of this spot also owned Celebrity Cuts on Hardscrabble. He was killed on the side road next to Publix last year. He was the one with the bullet hole in the back of his head and the car he was driving went off into a ditch or hit a pole on the side of the road (can't quite remember the details). I don't think they ever found out who did it. Someone assumed or took over ownership of the barbershop as it is still there. Obviously, the same could not be said about the seafood spot.


    28 Mar 14 at 5:27 am

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