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Leonard Bearstein, Richland Mall: 2012   1 comment

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Well, of course I never thought to get a picture of them, but every year since the 1980s, the main elevator court at Richland Mall hosted a full orchestra of animitronic bears playing Christmas music. The signage proudly announced that the conductor bear who stood with his back to the audience benches (which were in front of Barns & Noble facing the elevator) was 'Leonard Bearstein'.

Because, you know: Richland Mall, there was never a crowd for the bears, but generally there would be a couple of kids and parents, perhaps heading to or from Gymboree sitting on (or running around) the benches.

I don't know if there was too much wear-and-tear on the bears, or it's just that nobody cares anymore, or the last guy who knew how to put them together retired, but this year, the bandstand is not in evidence, Leonard Bearstein is not tapping his baton, and the holiday decor is Christmas trees only.

Written by ted on December 11th, 2013

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  1. Man, I used to love the animated displays they used to put in the department store windows at Christmas. Kids (me included) would be packed up front trying to see all of the toys that we wanted Santa to bring. Sort of like "A Christmas Story". Those were the days.....:^)


    11 Dec 13 at 1:55 am

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