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Kettle Restaurant / Denny's, 2203 Airport Boulevard: 2000s   9 comments

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This almost vacant site on Airport Boulevard at the south-west corner of the Airport Boulevard/I-26 interchange was definitely a restaurant, and not that long ago -- certainly into the late 1990s. As I recall it was bought up and razed for some sort of road construction.

I remember eating there a few times for late night fare, and was 100% positive that it was a Denny's. However, I can't verify that in either the 1997 phonebook, or the 2005 one, and I'm not getting any definite google hits for a Denny's on Airport Boulevard (except in other cities).

I'm not a big fan of Denny's -- somewhere there must be one with exceptional service and food that looks like the pictures, but I haven't found it yet. They have their uses though -- I'm reminded of this web comic (though it is for another late night institution). I remember working a project on Fort Benning and the only good part of my day being when we hung it up at midnight and being able to have a grilled cheese sandwich on the way back to the hotel..

Anyway, whatever they plan to do on this lot, it seems to be taking them a long time to do it.

UPDATE 24 April 2013: Added a street address, took the question mark off of Denny's? and added the Kettle Restaurant based on the comments.

Written by ted on April 22nd, 2013

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9 Responses to 'Kettle Restaurant / Denny's, 2203 Airport Boulevard: 2000s'

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  1. I think that may have been a Denny's, but I could have swore that there was a Burger King there as late as 2005-6. Separate building tho.


    23 Apr 13 at 1:06 am

  2. It used to be a restaurant known as the Kettle, as well. And yes, up Neil a few years ago, there was a BK right next door.


    23 Apr 13 at 5:27 am

  3. They were supposed to redo that whole interchange and needed the Denny's, BK, and Waffle House (just up the on ramp) properties to do so. I can't remember what happened to that intiative. I have a sneaking suspicion it may be on definite hold as the financially irresponsible choice to extend the hardee expressway to I-26 is being pushed.


    23 Apr 13 at 6:41 am

  4. I remember the BK was one that Brandi, Inc. reopened as he returned BK to Columbia in 2002-03. Several years later the combined Pitt Stop/BK was built and the old one was razed and the property has been an open grassy area ever since.

    I am unable to envision how this interchange was supposed to be redone or even the need unless they were to spread the frontage roads apart a little. Before the 378 & I-26 interchange was redone the frontage roads were spread out better which lead to the traffic signal where Chris meets McSwain going towards Columbia. I also believe Harbor Drive was shifted to align with the LMC entrance it currently does.

    The push to expand the John Hardee Expressway to I-26 has been around for 8-10 years and I believe the airport has acquired most of the tracts of land required to do it. I think at one point they wanted to connect it to I-20 as well but I have a hard time seeing how they can logistically do it.

    I wonder how long it'll be before I-26 at Highway 1 will be redone.


    23 Apr 13 at 10:52 am

  5. It was a Denny's, and before that a Kettle (until @'95 or so?). The old address was 2203 Airport Blvd.


    23 Apr 13 at 1:26 pm

  6. Yep, definitely a Denny's. I used to stop by there after morning classes at MTC's Airport Campus.


    25 Apr 13 at 2:39 pm

  7. Check the bold tag closings...


    14 Nov 17 at 11:13 pm

  8. Proving once again, you can't close a "b" tag with an "i" tag..


    14 Nov 17 at 11:45 pm

  9. I remember eating at this Denny's it was identical to the one on Two Notch. Like others have said, it must have closed in the early 2000's. The last time I can recall eating there was in 1999. I've wondered what happened to all the stuff there, I guess some road plan that got scrapped.

    Mr. Bill

    16 May 18 at 9:23 am

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