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Stingers / Marinoni's, 7001 Saint Andrews Road:   7 comments

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I first knew this place as Al Amir.

After that closed, a bar called Stingers set up shop, and I totally missed the fact that it had closed until *its* follow-on operation, Marinoni's had also closed.

Actually it may not be strictly accurate to say that Stingers closed. According to this Free Times story, the same owner ran both restaurants, so it's more accurate to say that Stingers transitioned into Marinoni's. Unfortunately, I never got to either, and I have to say the pizza described in The Free Times sounds really good.

IrmoJeff had a bit more to say about Stingers here.

(Hat tips to commenters IrmoJeff & Jonathan)

Written by ted on November 28th, 2012

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  1. My wife and I went to Marinoni's once for lunch. I got a calzone or something and it was ok. Im pretty sure my wife said her food was ok too. I do remember thinking the meal was expensive and that the food wasnt good enough to justify the price.


    28 Nov 12 at 4:12 pm

  2. I ate there when it was Stingers. I was unimpressed. I had a burger and it was just OK, the service was bad. I hear the pizza was good, but I didn't try it. I wish I had.

    I actually ran into the owner one night at Copper River Grill and he shared with me that they were going in a new direction. He shared their plan to go Italian. He said that he felt like there were enough people in Irmo that wanted good Italian without going to Harbison. He was clearly wrong. He was such a nice guy, but didn't know how to run a restaurant I guess.


    28 Nov 12 at 4:53 pm

  3. I just saw this in the closings. Doesn't surprise me one bit. Both times we ate there (once as Stinger's and once as Marinoni's) we were unimpressed. If we had known that Marinoni's was Stinger's, just rebranded, we wouldn't have gone. As others have noted, the food was just ok, but overpriced. The service was absolutely horrible. The time we went when it was Marinoni's, we actually left without eating after waiting for our food for over an hour. Other who came in after us were served their food first. Not sure what happened. Maybe they burnt ours and had to remake it. Maybe the waitress never put the order in. In either case, we never went back after that, but it is obvious to me as Mike said, the guy didn't know how to run a restaurant.


    4 May 13 at 8:38 pm

  4. Something is "Coming Soon" to this building, but I don't know what it is. I will try to ride by there and take a closer look.


    25 Jun 13 at 3:04 pm

  5. Now Chapala Mexican Restaurant

    Jacob Pittman

    16 Apr 20 at 2:34 pm

  6. Didn’t this place used to be 123? Was a longtime restaurant in Irmo.


    9 May 23 at 9:53 pm

  7. @Jordan, yes it was 123. Upscale. Very nice place.

    Midnight Rambler

    11 May 23 at 6:01 pm

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