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South Carolina State Fair 2010, Fairgrounds: 24 October 2010   3 comments

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These nine pictures are attempts at HDR. I took a tripod, and set the closing-cam to do 3 exposure brackets (1 "under exposed", 1 "over exposed" and 1 "correctly exposed"). I still have had trouble getting anything reasonable looking out of Qtpfsgui though other folks certainly have. There are just too many knobs and levers for me, at least for now. I did find another free program called Picturenaut, which actually produces nice results with the default settings. The downside is it only runs on Windows.

All the night pictures were taken on 15 October and the day pictures on 24 October. As usual, the fair remains an evergreen experience and if you missed it this year, you should try to catch it in 2011.

Lots and lots of other pictures after the jump. Be warned!

UPDATE 12 Nov 2010 -- Here's a video from 24 Oct that I finally got uploaded. It's taken from the cable cars headed from the exhibition side into the midway side:

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  1. Very cool Ted...I couldn't have done that good with my camera...I went with a ministry I'm involved with and it went well and several of us enjoyed (myself included) the doughnut burger...btw I enjoyed seeing your photo of the skyscraper that made the Photography exhibit in the Cantey building


    25 Oct 10 at 9:04 am

  2. Thanks!

    I couldn't quite bring myself to try the doughnut burger (or the deep fried butter!), but I had a nice Italian Sausage and Fiske fries..


    26 Oct 10 at 2:36 am

  3. My wife really got into HDR photography for a while:

    It does make some pretty cool looking pictures.


    22 Jul 11 at 1:10 pm

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