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Rack Room Shoes, 661 Promenade Place Suite 11: April 2024   3 comments

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I'm not sure what's going on at Village At Sandhill, but quite a lot of it is cordoned off for construction with Enter At Your Own Risk signs. The blocks still having shops have walkways to the doors, but some buildings look completely encased...

I'm pretty sure I've shopped at Rack Room Shoes a time or two, but never at this location, just down from Belks. The signage is already down and the place pretty throughly stripped, so I'm guessing it was probably gone by mid-April at the latest.

(Hat tip to commenter Local Reader)

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  1. According to an article from April 17 (sorry if anyone shared this already):

    "Developers of the area say hair studios, indoor playgrounds for children and restaurants are some of the many businesses coming to the area...."

    I don't want to attack any small-business-owner's dream, but these "developments" don't sound like enough to revitalize the place.


    10 May 24 at 11:01 pm

  2. If your tenant announcement leads off with "hair studios" that tells me things are not going well. The whole place just keeps looking more and more run-down and ragged - from the fading paint to the grass growing in cracks in the parking lots to all the outdated signage everywhere, it hasn't quite reached post-apocalyptic levels yet, but it's a long way from vibrant and inviting.


    13 May 24 at 9:29 am

  3. All the fencing and the protective shelters outside every store lead me to believe that there is a serious problem with the facades on the condos above the stores. It only seems to be a problem in certain parts and I'm guessing this was 1 phase of the buildout that has issues.

    I did some work for one of the apartment complexes near Willams Brice a few years ago. The complex had similar barricades built around the exterior because there were problems with the stucco falling off. But they had a contractor come in and fix all the problems and it is fine now.

    I don't see any work at Sandhills to remediate any problems (probably due to lack of funds). I'm guessing some long-term fencing rentals was cheaper than doing anything else.


    13 May 24 at 2:27 pm

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