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Grandpa's Steakhouse, 3660 King Street (Cocoa Florida): 5 May 2018   1 comment

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I was always intrigued by this railroad-themed steakhouse when I was in Cocoa, but their vacation times seemed to corespond with mine, and I never actually got to eat there.

Here is a story on the closing of the place in 2018 after 39 years in business. It seems the original owner passed away and his widow decided to retire after carrying on a few more years.

The lot was sold, and is now a Kia dealership, as you can see in the last few photos, and there is no sign of the railway cars.

UPDATE 7 September 2021 -- Commenter Joe Shlabotnik sends these pictures of the place in operation, with this comment:

Here are a couple of photos of Grandpa's Steakhouse from 2013. It was definitely a unique diner and the line to get in was about 20 deep on a week night when we ate there. Huge salad bar and good steaks. They had lots of memorabilia on the walls and a separate gift alcove located inside the doorway. As I recall the dining cars were interconnected side by side.




Written by ted on August 27th, 2021

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  1. That would have been a neat place to eat. I wonder if that cat was trying to cool himself down.


    28 Aug 21 at 3:02 pm

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