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Bank / 20!20 Vision, 1924 Blossom Street: Summer 2019 (Moved)   5 comments

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20!20 Vision has moved to 1600 St Julian Place, leaving this Blossom Street building in Five Points vacant. This building has always had a slightly odd look to me, and the LoopNet listing says that's because it was "the first bank in 5 Points". Not sure what the bank affiliation was, but that does explain the boarded up spot that was a teller window I guess (though Blossom would have had to have been less wide then).

Written by ted on June 26th, 2019

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5 Responses to 'Bank / 20!20 Vision, 1924 Blossom Street: Summer 2019 (Moved)'

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  1. I don't recall there ever being a bank there, but I do believe that was the original location for Master Cleaners dry cleaning.


    27 Jun 19 at 6:21 am

  2. I'm not sure this was a bank, either. But there was Omni Savings bank at 1940 Blossom. This place was a State Farm office as far back as the 1980s to 1990s or so.


    28 Jun 19 at 10:53 am

  3. OK, more info. It was the first 'Building and Loan' in Five Points, having started in 1949--and that was actually the name 'Five Points Building and Loan.' Assuming the addresses weren't renumbered, it was at 1924 Blossom. Maybe by the 1960s they had outgrown the previous location and moved to 1940? I did find a reference to a fountain in front of the Five Points. Anyone remember that? Way before my time in the area.

    However, it was the third 'bank' in Five Points. C&S was the first, opening at 2026 Devine St in 1942. (I didn't bother to try researching the second.)


    28 Jun 19 at 1:02 pm

  4. Eh. . . C&S was actually 1941.


    28 Jun 19 at 1:03 pm

  5. OK, had to keep looking. South Carolina National was established on Saluda in 1941, also, and later moved to Harden St in 1946.


    28 Jun 19 at 1:10 pm

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