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Bi-Lo, 9003 Two Notch Road: Summer 2018   2 comments

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As mentioned by commenter ED a while back, this Bi-Lo in Spring Valley Commons is the only one in Columbia currently slated to close and re-open as a Food Lion.

The process has now started, and while the shelves are getting rather bare, there are definitely some good deals to be had, as everything seems to be at least 40% off. I do find it rather curious that they have eschewed the normal Closing signs here. I was not in fact sure the clearance had begun because there is no indication in any of the windows. The closest thing is a small paper sign posting reduced hours, but not saying why.

It will be interesting to see how much work Food Lion does on the interior here.

(Hat tip to commener ED)

2 Responses to 'Bi-Lo, 9003 Two Notch Road: Summer 2018'

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  1. I’m not surprised this bi-lo is closing but I’m surprised that food lion is buying it and some other stores like in Myrtle and surfside beach and Florence but food lion sucks and the food lion down the road will probably close BTW Myrtle and surfside beach food lions are open and those were remodeled bi-los from 2016 and I’m not surprised that remodeled 2 bi-los from 2016 are closing within like I said those are now food lions and they still have the remodeled 2016 look of bi-lo all though the do have food lion aisle signage and other food lion signage no food lions closed so this food lion will probably look like a bi-lo


    11 Jul 18 at 10:54 am

  2. Now Food Lion that relocated from Polo Plaza

    Jacob Pittman

    14 Apr 20 at 5:22 pm

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