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Open Air Market, Two Notch Road: Early 2000s   10 comments

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For years, there were two open-air markets in the Northeast. One of them was on Decker Boulevard near the intersection with Percival Road. I think it might have been at about the location of the current O-Bok Korean restaurant -- at any rate it was on that side of the road and near there.

The other was this one on Two Notch Road, across from what is now (but was not, I think, then) the IHOP. Both markets had lots of produce, but I always remember thinking that this one was a bit of an odder duck as it also had a component which was close to a convienience store. There was no front wall to the place, and if I recall correctly, the produce was under a simple shed-like structure, a tin roof supported by beams. The back part of the store however was a 3-sided concrete box. I seem to recall that they had A/C despite the fact that there was no door, and they sold groceries and sundries so you could get your produce out front and then get your bread and milk "inside". I didn't stop there often, but every time I did, I recall thinking how odd the place was.

I believe the market on Decker closed first, probably sometime in the late 80s. This one lasted quite a bit longer and never "closed" as such. Instead, sometime in the early 2000s, the whole place burned down and all that's left now is the concrete slab it was built on, some flower pots against the back fence, assorted junk (which may or may not be remains of the store) and the skeleton of their sign. It seems as though this would be a nice property, with easy acces from both Trenhom and Two Notch, and right across from Home Depot, but after 10 years or so the property remains vacant.

I think there's currently some kind of open-air market further out on Two Notch near Big Lots, but that appears to be based on awnings rather than a permanent structure.

Note: I originally dated this closing as "1990s". Commenter JP plausibly dates it to this millennium so I have changed the date.

Written by ted on July 14th, 2008

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10 Responses to 'Open Air Market, Two Notch Road: Early 2000s'

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  1. I don't think it's quite 10 years since it burned down. I moved to NE Columbia in '01 and it was opened at that time. I never shopped there though.



    14 Jul 08 at 4:17 pm

  2. As late as the 1960s there were several open air markets on Two Notch between what is now I-20 and Two Notch Road.


    15 Jul 08 at 5:48 am

  3. I thought the one on Decker was still there. I guess I just didn't notice it being gone. It must have closed within the last ten years. You're right about the location of the one on Decker.

    Mr Bill

    15 Jul 08 at 9:51 am

  4. I grew up behind what was the Ramada Inn at I-77 (not sure what it is called now). The clsest grocery store to us was the BiLo further out Two Notch where the Big Lots now is, so we used to shop at this place pretty frequently. Not sure what the proper name was, but we always referred to it as the "Fruit Stand". In between the produce and back part was a candy display and over it was some sort of security camera that flashed. Not sure if it was really legit. My sister stole a candy bar from there when we were little and after we got home and my mom found out, she drove my sister back up there to pay them for it.


    19 Jul 08 at 3:49 pm

  5. It's amazing how much Two Notch has changed! When we used to drive Two Notch to Bell Camp (down Sparkleberry), it was like going out in the country.


    20 Jul 08 at 12:04 am

  6. I use to shop here all time time. Ahh the good ole days!


    20 Jul 08 at 4:25 pm

  7. Well Belle Camp is now Belleclave. That's where I live! The foundation for Belle Camp still stands. Who knows for how long. Some of the road leading up to it still exists.



    21 Jul 08 at 3:24 pm

  8. I'd love to see some pics of what bell camp looks like now. I hate that they closed it.

    Mr Bill

    21 Jul 08 at 4:54 pm

  9. Well, it was 'Crazy Jim' Holderman who closed it, so it probably made as much sense as the rest of his projects. The plan was that USC would use the money to get another recreaction area at Lake Murray -- don't know if that actually happened or not.

    Anyway it's behind a gate now which is sometimes open and sometimes not. If it's open, you can (or could, I haven't been since the latest construction which may keep people from parking in the cul-de-sac) park and walk over the old area. If it's closed, you can hike in from McDonalds on Clemson.

    I haven't done a Bell Camp post because I have oodles of photos that aren't digitized, but here are a few from about 2003 to 2006 or so.

    The remains of the old swingset, gone for quite a while now:

    One of the old park trash-can holders, now on my carport:

    The old jungle-gym. This stayed until the last couple of years:

    A new building being built below and to the left of where the old lodge was. You can't see the lake in this shot since I'm on that side, but it's back after being drained for a while.

    The walkway from the old parking lot (still there last time I checked) up past the 'new' bathhouse to the lodge. The steps to the new bathhouse are still there as well.


    21 Jul 08 at 11:58 pm

  10. wow that's great. I haven't been out there in years.

    Mr Bill

    22 Jul 08 at 8:53 am

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