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O'Charley's, 10136 Two Notch Road: 12 March 2017   3 comments

Posted at 12:26 am in closing










I think the my problem with O'Charley's is that I have never been quite sure what it is. I mean, it's not a fine restaurant, it's not an Italian, Mexican, seafood or hamburger restaurant; it's not homecooking or a diner -- there's a lot of things it isn't but no hook to hang its hat on. In that way, it is rather like Ruby Tuesday (hmm, even the lyric is appropriate..).

That said, I did used to go to O'Charley's from time to time when I was working in Augusta. There was (perhaps still is) one just off the Bobby Jones Expressway in what is Augusta's "Harbison" area. They had a chips & salsa appetizer with in-store-made salsa that was quite good, and the burgers were decent. When this store opened at Columbia Mall and I was in town for the weekend, my sister, father and I would eat Sunday lunch there from time to time. After the store moved to Sparkleberry, I only stopped by once, and found that the chips & salsa appetizer was off the menu, and furthermore, they were out of burgers -- I left without eating anything, and didn't go back.

According to The State the chain closed this store because it was underperforming, and near the end of its lease. If the concept couldn't perform here, or or in Harbison, it's hard to think where it could, although so far the Lexington store is still with us.

The first picture was taken several years ago. I was admiring the way the sign looked at night and stopped to take some pictures, but in the event they didn't turn out well because the lighting made the sign over-exposed and the rest under-exposed, and I didn't want to set up a tripod and try for bracketed exposures for HDR as I would be a highly visible person doing something very questionable looking on a busy road. The rest of the pictures were taken after the closing, although I will need to go back eventually and get out of the car for some closer looks.

(Hat tip to commenter JB)

UPDATE 27 March 2017 -- A few more and closer:









UPDATE 8 October 2019 -- Now a Chipolte & Tropical Smoothie Cafe:



UPDATE 19 August 2022: Add map icon and upate tags.

3 Responses to 'O'Charley's, 10136 Two Notch Road: 12 March 2017'

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  1. I was in there once. I noticed that it appeared to be a predominantly ladies place. Sort of like the fact that my past lady bosses would take us to this place or cater our meetings with Honey Baked Ham, or Subway instead of something good like Firehouse Subs.

    You're right about the similarity with Ruby Tuesday. I've only been to that place 3 times. O'Charlies required needed one trip.

    Mr BO

    17 Mar 17 at 5:52 am

  2. This building is being subdivided to have Chipolte & Tropical Smoothie Cafe (with room for a 3rd tenant)...meanwhile the Pier 1 Imports behind it has closed (I think it's been mentioned once or twice but hasn't featured here yet)...


    16 Apr 19 at 10:44 pm

  3. It appears to me as if Chipolte is fully operational in this site (and the Tropical Smoothie overhaul is in progress) while the third space remains to be seen what it becomes...


    15 Jul 19 at 4:11 pm

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