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Hardee's / Bush River Bistro / The Wild Hare / Gametime Sports Grub & Catering, 5122 (Old) Bush River Road: July 2016   11 comments

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These photos come courtesy of commenter Homer, whose gentle reminder prompts me to finally post them. Looking at them, I can certainly see the former Hardee's that both he and commenter Andrew mention. I am pretty sure I took some photos of my own when the place ceased being The Wild Hare, but apparently I never did a closing on that operation, and don't now have them to hand.

I've often wondered at this intersection where Old Bush River Road branches off from Saint Andrews Road. Given the odd way the main stretch of Bush River turns into Tram and the way the road picks up again here, some major work must have been done once.

Anyway, I'm guessing the Tiki Bar is *not* open.

(Hat tip to commenter Homer)

UPDATE 15 February 2017 -- Remodeling is underway:


UPDATE 11 March 2020: Added map icon.

UPDATE 19 June 2021: Update tags.

11 Responses to 'Hardee's / Bush River Bistro / The Wild Hare / Gametime Sports Grub & Catering, 5122 (Old) Bush River Road: July 2016'

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  1. I'm looking at a map of the area and wondering if Bush River Rd used to either parallel Saint Andrews Rd or if it merged further down. The dogleg turn it makes to intersect with Tram Rd is definitely not the original route. I'm thinking that maybe the construction of Whitehall and the Shaw (Allied Chemical) Plant may have played a part in the routing. Also not sure how the old GE plant that used to be behind the Aldi played into it since it was there long before anything else in the area. Heck, I can't even recall when St. Andrews was a two lane road and I'm plenty old enough!! I'd love to find some old road maps of the area.


    21 Sep 16 at 9:48 pm

  2. Has anyone ever wondered why there is a Bush River Rd and a Broad River Rd but no significant or major Saluda River Rd (there is a small dirt road called Saluda River behind the Food Lion on Broad River)?

    Perhaps there was a road where I-126 is now?


    22 Sep 16 at 9:31 am

  3. According to Google Maps, Saluda River Road is a fairly significant (and paved) road with lots of housing (Zillow and Trulia also show a number of addresses for this road) and some businesses. It starts at a 3-way fork in Brevard St. I see a small dirt road at the fork on the map - this is the continuation of Brevard, not Saluda River Road.

    In addition, West Columbia has a prominent suburban road known as Saluda River Drive. Seems like this is the road we used to call "Thrill Hill" because of its steep decline and then ascent at the stream it crosses.


    22 Sep 16 at 12:54 pm

  4. Hmm..interesting Bobby. Saluda River Drive and Brevard seem to be signed the opposite of you what describe. I will have to look again next time I drive by but I'm fairly certain of this.


    22 Sep 16 at 3:20 pm

  5. The curious thing to me is why there is even a road named 'Bush River Road.' Bush River is a very short river, and is on the other side of the lake from Bush River Road. Even if there were no Lake Murray, it would be nowhere near the confluence of the Bush and Saluda rivers.


    24 Sep 16 at 12:29 am

  6. I remember one time (somewhere in the 1996-98 timeframe) The State had a booklet explaining how the different street names came into being and this makes me wish I still had that book so I could pull it out and shed some insights on how the names came into being...

    Another part of me wishes I had a time machine to try to understand how all this came into being...


    25 Sep 16 at 10:48 pm

  7. JBL

    26 Sep 16 at 7:35 pm

  8. Signage on this indicates that something called Top Shelf Tavern is about to set up shop (stay tuned)...


    20 Jan 17 at 12:29 am

  9. This building that:

    originally was a Hardee's...

    Had a Stint as Bush River Bistro...

    Went on to be The Wild Hare...

    Had a brief run as Gametime Sports Bar

    Now has marquee signage showing that Top Shelf Tavern is coming soon to this building...


    5 Feb 17 at 7:44 pm

  10. Top Shelf is showing a grand opening date of March 20...


    1 Mar 17 at 10:09 pm

  11. Top Shelf is now open with hours of 11 AM-1 AM


    29 Mar 17 at 10:29 pm

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