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Paraiso Del Inca, 506 North Beltline Boulevard: August 2016   no comments

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It looks like this Peruvian restaurant, the only one in Columbia as far as I know, opened in April 2016 and closed sometime in August 2016. In general the Yelp reviews were quite positive as was this review from The Free Times

Paraiso del Inca brought some much-needed ethnic food to the North Beltline side of town when it opened earlier this month. The menu is brief, but full of Peruvian dishes that cannot be found anywhere else in town. Some of the offerings include a creamy chicken dish featuring a thick, yellow curry-esque sauce, boiled potato, and ground walnuts; ceviche; and an appetizer called papas rellena, a deep-fried mashed potato ball stuffed with beef and onions.

(Hat tip to commenter KC)

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