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Heroes Convention, Charlotte Convention Center: 18 June 2016   no comments

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I made my annual trip to the Charlotte Heroes Convention Saturday. I got there kind of late, and it took me all of my time just to walk the floor (and I'm fairly sure I missed a few things), so I didn't take in any panels this year.

As always, there were lots of costumers in attendance. If there was one trend I notiecd this year, it was Harley Quinn, there were lots of Harleys in attendance. I'm not sure if her visibility is high because of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, or it is just her time. (Her actual comics have been quite funny lately, if you like gonzo adventures).

Didn't get as much swag as some years, the pulp and old magazine booths are still very few, but I did pick up a good few items:

Princeless, the story of a young princess who is not waiting for Prince Charming to come to the rescue..


Bug Sagendorf was E.C Segar's assistant and eventually took over the strip after Segar's death. Before that, he did a lot of the Popeye comic books, of which this is a collection:


Andy Runton's Owly is a pantomime comic characer who has been around for quite a while now. I was not aware he was also in picure books until I saw this one at Runton's booth. He was nice enough to sign it for my niece and draw a custom picture of Owly.



I love old panel cartoons. I do have to say after looking through this collection that the late 1960s were not a golden age..


Here's Harley again!



I was amused by the "Natural Causes" picture that was the backdrop (more or less viewable here in a washed out background) for webcomic artist Greg Craven's Hubris strip. so I picked up the first collection:


I am confident that none of you remember a cartoon version of Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth, because that would mean you are old:



Urban Fantasy comes to comics:


Written by ted on June 20th, 2016

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