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The Clock Doctor, 7304 Two Notch Road: Early 2021   1 comment

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I know The Clock Doctor has had several locations as I can remember hearing about it growing up. I figured that eventually I would take the big hall clock that I "fixed" as a teenager and actually get it working again, but in the event I never did, and am not at all sure anymore that I would want that making noise all night anyway.

The only previous location that I know of was on Covenant Road in a building that was recently demolished.

The pictured location is one of the odder strip malls on Two Notch: It is all trailers and sheds. My guess has always been that zoning doesn't allow any permanent buildings right up against a railroad track like that, but in the event these have been here so long they might as well be permanent. It appears to me that a new business is already setting up in the Clock Doctor trailer.

(Hat tip to commenter Dan R)

Written by ted on April 8th, 2021

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Ed Robinson Laundry & Dry Cleaning, 2551 Forest Drive: October 2020   1 comment

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I noticed some new signage on Ed Robinson Laundry & Dry Cleaning (in the Ed Robinson building, as it turns out) on Forest Drive, and although the new name is not visible from the street, a drive through the parking lot confirmed that this location is now a Michael's Cleaners.

I have always liked the spire in front of this building, and it looks especially good at night with the blue illumination. I took a few twilight pictures on another day that I will add to the post eventually.

Written by ted on April 5th, 2021

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Grapes & Gallery, 1113 Taylor Street: 23 November 2019   2 comments

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I had not heard of this Taylor Street wine bar and gallery / artist work space until commenter Justin mentioned that it was gone.

As it turns out, it closed in late 2019, well before the COVID-19 pandemic, which had been my first assumption for the reason. The Free Times had the story here.

(Hat tip to commenter Justin)

Written by ted on April 1st, 2021

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