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Check Advance, 917 Knox Abbott Drive: 2009   3 comments

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Here's another defunct cash advance place, this one on Knox Abbott Drive just down from Tony's Pizza. As is a fixture on (fairly) newly closed businesses this time of year, you can see the new, uncollected, phonebook in a bag by the door. (The same is true for Master Tire if you look closely.)

Written by ted on March 9th, 2011

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Wata Wing, 6164 Saint Andrews Road: February 2011   45 comments

Posted at 12:48 am in closing

I was a bit reluctant to do this post yet, hoping that the place was going to make it, but I've been by several times within the posted hours (including a Saturday evening) and found it dark (though the phone still rings..)

At any rate, I first wrote of this building when I did a closing for longtime tenant Little Mexico and follow-on Cancun.

After Cancun another Mexican operation Mi Tierra set up shop in the building, and lasted about a year. (And you should visit both of those closing links because the previous comments and pictures for Wata Wing are spread out between them).

After Mi Tierra closed, there were indications fairly early on that the place was to become a Wata Wing chicken wing operation. The setup seemed quite protracted, and with the stall out of the Wata Wing roll-out in the old Taco Bell on Knox Abbott:

combined with reports of some legal difficulties the chain (which I should stress is probably totally different people in different areas) was facing in Maryland, it seemed for a time that this location might not open.

In the event it did open some time between 3 November 2010 and 1 December 2010 when commenter Badger stopped by.

I had thought, given this sign:

that the operation might be headed in a Hooters, Wing House direction with the "Wata Girls" front and center, but that seems not to have been the case.

If this location is closed (and it certainly seems to be), then that would throw into question the opening of a Wata Wing in the old Shoney's/Santa Fe/Savannah's location on Two Notch Road:

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Written by ted on March 8th, 2011

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The Blue Martini, 808-G Lady Street, 24 Feb 2011   5 comments

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The Blue Martini was tucked away down an alley off of Lady Street, and I was totally unaware that it existed. In fact, when I first saw the news from commenter Summer, I read it as The Blue Marlin, and maintained that mistaken impression through what was for me a confusing article in The State. I had never suspected The Blue Marlin was a jazz club! :-)

The space is not vacant though. Legendary Columbia DJ Woody Windham has opened a new club called, naturally enough I suppose, The Woody in the spot. It certainly is a more intimate venu than one of his other ventures..

(Hat tip to commenter Summer)

Written by ted on March 6th, 2011

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Scriven's Alley, Corner of Gervais Street & Huger Street: 1990s   8 comments

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On the whole, Scriven's Alley doesn't sound like my kind of place, though I could have perhaps found some pasta I liked. The opportunity to grill your own food does sound pretty intriguing though. In the end however, it may have perhaps proved fatal to the business as the place burned down and was never rebuilt. I'm thinking that the Scriven's building was where that narrow vacancy right at the corner is rather than on the Hertz site. As I recall, it was a two story brick structure.

I had the impression that it was a pretty well thought of place, and I've always wondered why they never re-opened. I would expect most any building to have fire insurance, but perhaps they were down long enough for all the staff to disperse and the cash reserves to deplete.

Written by ted on March 5th, 2011

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Hmm.. Richland County to Buy Decker Mall   12 comments

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The State:

Richland County plans to buy a strip mall on Decker Boulevard and relocate yet-to-be-determined offices there as a way to address a cramped courthouse and administrative offices.

This, of course, is the former home of Kroger Sav-On, Land of Oz, Little China Buffet, Richway/Gold Circle/Target, Flipside and many other things over the years.

Written by ted on March 4th, 2011

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Master Tire & Auto Center, 1801 Gervais Street: February 2011   2 comments

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I've noticed this car care operation on the corner of Gervais and Barnwell Streets a number of times over the years, though I never stopped in. In particular I believe I used to drive by on my way to the dentist, and other times I would just wonder at the way businesses sometimes cluster, as Master was catty-cornered to an almost identical Firestone operation and just a few blocks from a Goodyear.

I really like the Jasper Transmissions plaque -- It has that late 50s, early 60s design esthetic that is really nicer than what you generally see now.

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Written by ted on March 3rd, 2011

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Huddle House #179, 4967 Two Notch Road: 1991   1 comment

Posted at 11:37 pm in closing

This building, on Two Notch Road, next to the former Hi Line Imports, and more or less across the street from the former Ranch Restaurant, had a definite Huddle House look to it, but I couldn't ever remember actually having seen a Huddle House there. Some research in old city directories at the library showed that 4967 Two Notch Road did not exist as a street address prior to this building being built, and that it was in fact built as a Huddle House.

The ad is from the February 1990 Bellsouth phonebook, and the restaurant did not last long beyond that, being gone by the February 1992 directory. As far as I can tell, there were never two Huddle House restaurants open in Columbia at the same time, and shortly after this one closed, the one at 3801 Rosewood Drive began listing in the phonebook. That could mean either that this one relocated, that the chain was only issuing one franchaise for Columbia at a time, or it could simply be a coincidence.

Today the building is Auto Image, where summer lasts all year.

UPDATE 17 August 2023 -- Update tags, add map icon.

Written by ted on March 2nd, 2011

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Welcome Folks, Take a Look Around..   10 comments

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Well, assuming that no real news breaks this evening, there's supposed to be a piece on the WLTX late news for 1 March 2011 dramatically demonstrating why I don't have any pictures of myself on the site.

If that brings you here for the first time, feel free to sit a spell and take a look around.

Here's a list of Alphabetical Closings where you can look up your favorite places from days of yore, and here are some of the site's most popular posts and pages:

Tricentennial Songs

Forest Lake Park

The Hi Hatt Club

The Towers dorms

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Hurricane Hugo

The Wade Hampton Hotel

J.B. White's

Signs Your Favorite Restaurant Is About to Close

Ted's Rules For Restaurants

The Myrtle Beach Pavilion


Gibbes Planetarium

Old Richland Mall

Red Wing Rollerway

Feel free to leave comments!

UPDATE 2 March 2011: Commenter Chief Dan George has found the piece on the WLTX web site. It is here.

Written by ted on March 1st, 2011

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