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Save A Lot #490, 1618 Airport Boulevard: 2019   3 comments

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Save A Lot was the follow on in this building to Food Lion, and opened in 2011. I'm not exactly sure when it closed (especially since the phone company seems to have stopped leaving me phonebooks), but I'm guessing 2019 is about right given we had several others close within a year or so of that.

At any rate, it has been gone long enough for another follow-on to start up: Ahora Abierto which is a panaderia pasteleria which google translate suggests is a bakery & cake shop.

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

Written by ted on January 13th, 2021

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Food Lion Store #163, 1618 Airport Boulevard: Late August 2009   14 comments

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This Food Lion in Airport Square at the intersection of Airport Boulevard and The Charleston Highway, was open as recently as 3 March 2009 when they posted a want ad for a sales manager.

I posted a number of closings in this general area lately, though not all of them actually happened lately. On the whole I think its fair to say the business climate is not good there. I'm not super familiar with the local stores, but I'm drawing a blank on a grocery store closer to here than the Bi-Lo in Parkland Plaza, which is a fair drive down Knox Abbott. I guess there's the Wal-Mart and Bi-Lo on US-1, but that's about the same distance.

UPDATE 4 Feb 2011 -- It's now a "Save A Lot" grocery store. I went in the one in Aiken once and didn't see any brands I had heard of..

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

UPDATE 7 Feb 2011: Updated the post title with a more precise closing date based on the comments.

UPDATE 13 January 2021: Update tags, add map icon.


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