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Columbia Screen & Awning, 935 Sunset Boulevard: 2011   1 comment

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I was surprised when I went looking in old phonebooks and found that 2011 was the last listing for Columbia Screen & Awning -- This is a place I remember being advertised on the radio when I was growing up, so I figured somehow that I would hear when it closed. The marquee on this little West Columbia storefront (next door to Maunz Electronics) says they had been in business since 1959, which is a pretty good run. has some of their old site snapshots archived here.

I hate this time of year -- not only do I really dislike cold weather, but it gets dark so early that I really can only get daytime pictures on weekends. And even here, I missed my window for getting over there and ended up having to crank up the ISO or use flash.

(Hat tip to commenter James)

Written by ted on November 27th, 2013

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  1. Being there are no post here yet, I will try to get this one started.
    I have two awnings that were installed by Columbia Screen and Awnings. I was more familiar with Columbia Tent and Awnings. However I used CS&A based on the price. My awnings started leaking after a number of years. I called them and asked what to do about the situation. They advised me to spray the awnings with a water repellent such as Thompsons Water Seal, Duh!! It worked perfectly. Was I humbled? Yes, just as I have many times before when I get on my high horse. I'm starting to think I need a shorter horse.


    27 Nov 13 at 5:27 pm

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