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Bi-Lo, 9003 Two Notch Road: Summer 2018   2 comments

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As mentioned by commenter ED a while back, this Bi-Lo in Spring Valley Commons is the only one in Columbia currently slated to close and re-open as a Food Lion.

The process has now started, and while the shelves are getting rather bare, there are definitely some good deals to be had, as everything seems to be at least 40% off. I do find it rather curious that they have eschewed the normal Closing signs here. I was not in fact sure the clearance had begun because there is no indication in any of the windows. The closest thing is a small paper sign posting reduced hours, but not saying why.

It will be interesting to see how much work Food Lion does on the interior here.

(Hat tip to commener ED)

Rite Aid, 8921 Two Notch Road: 13 June 2018   7 comments

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As we discussed earlier those Rite Aid locations which have been purchased by Walgreens and are close to an existing Walgreens location will be closing. The process has started now, and this store, at the west corner of Two Notch & Rabon Roads will be closing on 13 June. I didn't have a chance to go in, and these pictures through the rain aren't that great, but you can see that signs are up.

How close is this store to a Walgreens?

Directly across the road:


(Hat tip to commenter Megan)

UPDATE 10 July 2019 -- As mentioned in the comments, this is now a Dollar Tree:


Written by ted on May 15th, 2018

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Serenity Day Spa, 9308 Two Notch Road Suite B: Spring 2010   6 comments

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I noticed the other day that the Doctor's office on the west side of the Farm Bureau building is becoming First Class Bar & Grill.

UPDATE 23 June 2016: Well, as established in the comments, this bar is not going into the doctor's office. I was misled by the little sign on the side of the building with the office name -- it actually is an arrow pointing to the other side. So what was this place? Looking at the door in the west side with the new 'A' restaurant sticker on it, I see that it calls out the space behind the door as unit B & C. With that information, I see that unit B, at least, was once Serenity Day Spa



UPDATE 21 March 2017 -- Apparently First Class is not going to happen:


Written by ted on June 17th, 2016

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New Life Fitness World, 8911 Two Notch Road: 31 December 2013   2 comments

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I first wrote about this lot in the closing for North 1 Drive-In, a location that had a certain notoriety amongst teenage boys. Interestingly, the address given during the theater days is 8757, which is two blocks off of the current number. But then this was pretty much the boonies back then.

Not being a big exercise fan, what I constantly noticed about the New Life incarnation was the electronic banner on the top of their roadside sign. This normally ran a digital temperature reading, and it was never right -- Generally it wasn't even close.

Like Columbia Athletic Club before them, New Life has apparently lost the local battle against the (very fit) 500 pound gorilla that is Gold's Gym. Curiously, apparently the only New Life location remaining is in Cedar Rapids Iowa.

Read the rest of this entry »

Written by ted on January 16th, 2014

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Brass Elephant / Blair's / The Lighthouse / 123Imout Bail Bonds, 9300 Two Notch Road Suite F: 2000s   2 comments

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I'm not too sure about this storefront across from the Big Lots plaza on Two Notch and just to the left of the old The Crate location. Google reveals a couple of places that I'm pretty sure are still there and not in that particular unit. It might have been 123Imout (love that name!), or it might not have.

UPDATE 20 May 2014: Commenter Nat identifies former tenants Brass Elephant, Blair's & The Lighthouse so I have added them to the post title.

Written by ted on June 12th, 2013

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The Puddlin' Duck Restaurant & Pub, 108 Columbia Northeast Drive Suite G: Spring 2013   8 comments

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This little Irish pub was tucked away at the bottom of the hill in the little strip mall fronted by Dunkin' Donuts. In fact, it was so tucked away that while every time I saw it, I meant to try it out sometime, it would always slip my mind completely when I actually was looking to go somewhere.

I noticed recently when I was looking at Golden City, that it had, so to speak, changed its stripes and is now Kwagga.

Tandoori Grill, 110 Columbia Northeast Drive: January 2012   1 comment

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The first time I went to Tandoori Grill I recognized one of the staff from the Broad River Road location of Delhi Palace (or I should say he recognized me), and the food was quite good. I went there probably four or five times and it continued good, then I went there a final time, and I didn't think it was good at all, and I don't think the original guy was there anymore.

I was recently passing by during hours when the place should have been open, and noticed the sign wasn't on, so I turned in to check it out. The sign on the door is a bit unclear, but I think the gist of it is that the restaurant became "available" on 15 January 2012.

The little strip that it sits in, Fortune Square has not seen great success in quite a long while (the main store is Big Lots), but that makes it attractive to smaller operations, a number of which have come and gone over the years, including notably La Pizza Cucina.

UPDATE 18 September 2012 -- It's now Kiki's Chicken and Waffles:


Written by ted on February 18th, 2012

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Second Debut / Sew N Sew, 9557 Two Notch Road Suite F: December 2011   2 comments

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This little storefront in Sequi Center (almost across the street from the Sesqui State Park entrance) has obviously been a number of things over the years. A little googling turns up Second Debut which was a thrift shop, but the sign covered up by the Sew N Sew banner doesn't look like it belonged to a thrift shop (I could be wrong..) so I'm guessing there was another shop in between.

Commenter Miz T says that Sew N Sew was there at least two years ago, and that they were gone by mid January, so I'm guessing they probably left with the old year at the end of December.

(Hat tip to commenter Miz T)

Written by ted on February 10th, 2012

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Tuesday Morning, 9003 Two Notch Road: Spring 2010   no comments

Posted at 12:00 am in closing

Well, this is the second Tuesday Morning to close in the last serveral years. Of course events now seem to suggest that the first one I wrote about at Trenholm Plaza probably was a casualty of the up-scaling of that venue rather than any inate problems (based on a classy restaurant being put into that spot, and Tuesday Morning opening a new location just a few blocks down the street).

I doubt Spring Valley Commons is upscaling (at least not as long as there is "self storage" in the old theater slot), but I guess time will tell if we see another Tuesday Morning in the same general area. I have finally been in a couple of Tuesday Mornings, and it strikes me as a store you would not have reason to visit very often, so it seems to me that each store would take a pretty large population to sustain one.

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew).

UPDATE 2 March 2023: Updating tags and adding map icon.

Bird's / River City Cafe / Yesterday's, 8909 Two Notch Road: 1990s   9 comments

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River City Cafe is a Murrells Inlet institution. Located on the creek side of US-17 business, it is a very casual burger joint with license plates all over the walls, peanut shells on the floor and graphitti carved into the tables. They make a good burger, and keep malt vinegar on the tables for your fries. The restaurant is part of a coastal empire called The Divine Dining Group which includes River City, Bovine's, Ultimate California Pizza and some other brands I forget. Anyway, in the 90s, or it could have even been the late 80s, they decided to try to expand from the coast into Columbia. They opened two River City Cafes in Columbia that I am aware of. One was on Greene Street near the train tracks and the other was this building on Two Notch Road. I'm not sure why neither store prospered. Sometimes I think that when a local chain gets large enough that the owners can't just casually drop by any given store to see how things are going, quality suffers. At any rate, neither my sister nor I felt the Two Notch location was as good as Murrells Inlet (I never tried Greene Street), and both stores closed fairly quickly. The Greene Street store became The Salty Nut Cafe, and this one became Yesterday's.

I don't go too often, but I've always enjoyed Yesterday's in Five Points. They have a good combination of down-home food plus stuff like lasagna and mexican-inspired dishes. The Two Notch location was only open long enough for my sister and I to go once, and we both agreed that it was considerably lower in quality than Five Points. I remember in particular ordering the chips & salsa appetizer and having a dish of round Tostitos with about a tablespoon of frigid salsa in a sealed plastic container being plopped onto the table. The presentation was bad, and the quality was, um, lacking.

I believe the current tenant, Micato, was the next venture in the building, and it has been there some years now, so I would guess they actually know what they are doing, though I have never eaten there.

River City at the beach remains good, as does Yesterday's downtown. I guess they just couldn't find the talent to replicate the experience.

UPDATE 26 May 2011 -- Commenter palmettopanic sends in this 1989 ad for another restaurant in this building, one that came before RIver City and Yesterday's and one that I had never heard of (or at least can't remember having heard of): "Bird's":

Also, I haven't mentioned it on this entry yet, but the follow-on in this building Micato has been gone for some time.

Written by ted on January 29th, 2009

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