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New China, 800 Lake Murray Boulevard: December 2013   no comments

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Commenter Homer notes that this small Chinese restaurant in High Pointe Centre on Lake Murray Boulevard has closed.

He sends in his pictures here and notes elsewhere that the place was a true family operation with a daughter often taking orders and translating them for mom and pop.

I note that at this juncture, the plaza sign and spelling (note the 'e' on Pointe and the British Centre) seem rather more grandiose than the current tenant list warrants.

(Hat tip to commenter Homer)

Catch 22, 1085-D Lake Murray Boulevard: September 2013   12 comments

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Here's another of the many restaurants I was completely unaware of. This Irmo spot offered more than the seafood the name would have you expect. Of course, some other reviews make it sound as though the literary meaning of the name may have been appropos from time to time as well.

The space is now open again as Bistro On The Boulevard.

(Hat tip to commenter Becky)

Written by ted on October 8th, 2013

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Silver Fox Tennis Club, 1381 Lake Murray Boulevard: 2000s   3 comments

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I was unaware of this old tennis club off of Lake Murray Boulevard just west of Saint Andrews Road until commenter James mentioned it.

The place is built on two levels, with the main building and old court surfaces down a steep hill from Lake Murray Boulevard. I would not like to come in and out of this parking lot on a daily basis! The old pro-shop, clubhouse (and probably snack bar I would suspect) is at the back of the parking lot, with level space behind that where there look to have been at least two courts, and in all likelihood several others less discernable now as well.

At the side of the first level, a set of steps leads up the hill to a second level. It's all wooded now, but I suspect there was at least one more court up there. I probably shouldn't have tested the steps on my less than svelte frame, especially given the bushes and trees growing up through them and the raised nail heads, but they were still sturdier than they appeared.

UPDATE 24 August 2013: Commenter Badger sends in a link to this obituary. It seems the owner was Mr Fred Wiles Atkinson, Jr. He sounds like a nice guy, and with his life history, I would not be surprised at all if he and my parents were acquainted. He passed in 2008, so this place probably closed a couple of years before that.

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Written by ted on August 23rd, 2013

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Heart 2 Heart, 800 Lake Murray Boulevard Suite D: 2010   8 comments

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Here's a heart-themed post for Valentines..

I don't know a lot about Heart 2 Heart (or "♥ 2 ♥" as the sign would have it) other than it was apparently a gift shop, sat in the old Piggly Wiggly Plaza on Lake Murray Boulevard and closed in 2010. The local news site has this and other locations up for comments on what should go there...

Written by ted on February 15th, 2013

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TCBY, 800 Lake Murray Boulevard Suite H: 31 December 2012   8 comments

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I'm pretty sure that when I first became aware of TCBY, their advertising slogan was This Can't Be Yogurt!. That's because at the time(I'm thinking maybe mid 1970s), yogurt, to the extent that anybody knew what it was at all, was thought of as a sour-ish dairy ingredient, something along the lines of sour cream or cheese. Certainly not something you would eat by itself, or for desert.

That certainly changed over the years, and gradually it seemed that the TCBY slogan became The Country's Best Yogurt!. Personally, while I like non-frozen yogurt, I never really was a huge fro-yo fan, and in particular if I walk into a shop and every spigot is "low" or "no" fat, I walk out again. Give me some high fat ice cream or soft-serv instead..

At any rate, this TCBY location hung on in the shopping center at the corner of Lake Murray Boulevard and Columbiana Drive for a good few years after the anchor Piggly Wiggly closed. I'm not sure of the exact date, but given that it was reported early in January 2013, the end of 2012 makes sense.

(Hat tip to commenter Soxinsc)

Written by ted on February 1st, 2013

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Sosi Apparel & Accessories, 285 Columbiana Drive Suite L: 2009   no comments

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Here's another vacancy at The Shops At Columbiana Crossing. This one seems to have happened in 2009, and as far as I can tell, Sosi did not move elsewhere.

I find it a little curious that this strip does not seem to update either the storefront marquees or their road-side sign...

Fleet Feet Sports, 285 Columbiana Drive Suite C: 25 September 2011 (moved)   1 comment

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Well, it's back to the Shops At Columbiana Crossing today. From their web site Fleet Feet Sports appears to be an athletic shoe and running wear store, which pretty much rules it out as a place I would ever visit, but they had quite a nice little space in this Columbiana Drive storefront. I particularly like the curvy wood (or faux wood) flooring and the somewhat canted counter.

In late September they relocated, fleetly, but probably not on foot, to a much larger space at 945 Lake Murray Boulevard next to Bruegger's.

Piggly Wiggly #60, 800 Lake Murray Boulevard: 2 February 2008   79 comments

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This Piggly Wiggly was in the High Point Centre shopping center at the north-east corner of Lake Murray Boulevard and Columbiana Drive. As far as I can tell, it closed in 2009, and seems to have pretty well put-paid to the whole plaza in so doing. I rarely get over to Lake Murray Boulevard (as you can see here, I still haven't managed to make it to this Pig in the daytime..) so I don't know the market too well, but this closing seems a bit odd to me.

This is one of the newer, larger, Pigs, so it's not one of the tiny old stores that they are trying to transition out of, and there's certainly no lack of traffic in the Harbison area. In fact, this store sounds as though it were a flagship of sorts, at least this story from 2005 paints it as the store chosen to do the public launch for PW's new "Pay By Touch" system.

This LoopNet listing has a daytime picture of the store with Pig branding (and confirms that it was built in 1994, which still seems pretty recent to me).

UPDATE 9 March 2011: Update closing date to 2 Feb 2008 based on comments.

UPDATE 22 June 2021 -- Now a Stars & Strikes bowling and fun center:


Also adding map icon and updating tags.

Atlanta Bread Company, 1072 Lake Murray Boulevard: 12 May 2008 (Closed Again)   25 comments

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I never visited the Atlanta Bread Company on Lake Murray Boulevard, though I did do a closing on the one at Sandhill and do visit the one on Sunset every once in a while. In general, I consider ABC a step down from Panera but perfectly acceptable (though both chains skimp on the AC outlets..)

The first thing I would say about this ABC is that it's a very attractive building, especially in the evening sun.

The second thing is that I don't believe I have ever seen a closing note as extraordinary as the one taped to the door here. In its own bland and elliptical way, it's pretty devastating, especially considering the source!

UPDATE 26 September 2011: I'm marking this one as "open again" based on commenter julie's report. Presumably all the problems the first iteration had have been worked out.

UPDATE 30 September 2011 -- COmmenter Andrew sends this picture of the We Are Back sign:

UPDATE 1 April 2017 -- Finally getting around to noting in the post itself (already noted in the comments) that this place is closed again, and in fact a new operation Urban Cookhouse is now up and running:


Written by ted on October 11th, 2010

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Home Furniture, 1201 Lake Murray Boulevard: Late September 2010 (open again)   8 comments

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Home Furniture in Irmo closed in late September. To the best of my recollection, I had never been on the segment of Lake Murray Boulevard below Columbiana Drive before, and there was a lot more development there than my memories of visiting the Lake Murray area 30 years ago would have led me to expect.

According to this PDF though, Home Furniture had been around a lot longer than 30 years ( and a lot longer than I have for that matter!) -- 63 years. Also, from the PDF, it appears that they had a temporary closing back in January 2010 so the original owner could retire. Assuming those plans went through, I'm guessing the continuing housing slump kept the store from coming back full strength after the transition. At any rate, this closing seems to be final, unfortunately -- the electronic sign was cycling through an offer to lease the building along with the closure notice.

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

UPDATE 14 July 2013: Commenter Andrew points to this story in The State saying that Home Furniture is open again. I have updated the post title to reflect that.

UPDATE 14 April 2014: Fixed above update date to say July 2013 instead of July 2014..

Written by ted on October 5th, 2010

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