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Jammin' Java / The White Mule, 1530-D Main Street: December 2011   10 comments

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The White Mule is another recent casualty of Main Street, following shortly after the closings of Henessey's and Kimbrell's.

I'd heard the name from time to time, but really wasn't exactly sure where it was. Judging by the stairs in the entranceway, it was a basement club, and judging from the menu on the still extant web site it was a little more upscale than your basic burgers & nachos show-pub.

The State story mentioning the closing dates it to "last week". Given that the story ran on 7 January 2012, the inference I draw is that The White Mule closed out with the year at the end of 2011.

(Hat tip to commenter Tom)

UPDATE 23 January 2012: Added Jammin' Java to the post title based on the comments. I recall the name, but never realized this is where it was.

Written by ted on January 17th, 2012

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10 Responses to 'Jammin' Java / The White Mule, 1530-D Main Street: December 2011'

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  1. What? T-bone Benji said Mast would save Main Street!

    I heard the Brazilian Cowboy stopped serving lunch. I predict closing cam will be visiting another Main Street location soon.


    18 Jan 12 at 7:46 am

  2. Mast has done a great deal for Main Street. Have you ever seen a show @ The White Mule? It was very narrow, and the columns in the middle of the floor greatly obstructed the view. While the guys who rant it are very experienced, it just wasn't a good place to catch a show. Columbia is a very fickle place for music. Still, sad to see a music venue go, but it would have if Mast would have been there or not. As far as Cowboy, lunch for two would cost you about $70 w/ a tip, and that would be if you didn't have alcohol. From what I've heard, dinner is a nice experience. Not sure what Mast has done to deserve all the backlash. It might not be a savior, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.


    18 Jan 12 at 2:48 pm

  3. [...] Street Pub/music venue White Mule Closes For a post mortem see columbia closings story I'm optimistic that the recently vacated Main spces where Mule and Hennessey's restaurant occupied [...]

  4. I want to say White Mule had a previous life as a Jammin' Java, but I could be wrong. White Mule drew some good bands over the years, but I think they would have done better located in Five Points or closer to the heart of the Vista.


    20 Jan 12 at 12:04 am

  5. Everytime I pick up a copy of The State, they have some great story about how Main Street is back. Sure doesn't look like its back to me. Looks like it is sinking lower.


    20 Jan 12 at 1:47 pm

  6. I have a sneaking suspicion Mast might pull a CiCi's after their obligation for the federal loan is up....


    20 Jan 12 at 2:58 pm

  7. Soxinsc is correct: This was indeed the location of Jammin' Java. The front door has changed a bit since then, but it's the same basement shop. Used to stop by there for a sandwich once/week back in the day.


    22 Jan 12 at 7:06 pm

  8. OK, I've added Jammin' Java to the post title.


    23 Jan 12 at 2:35 am

  9. During its first ownership, this was a great place to grab a bite and catch some music, but I feel it really went downhill with the second ownership.


    23 Feb 12 at 10:11 am

  10. White mule was a gr8 sounding room, nice vibe.

    Butt hey fellow columbians, we still got our WILD WINGS! You can hear shit bands WAY louder than white mule wuld ever allow& louder is better...riiight?

    Ugh, another cool place becoming distant memories...


    20 Jul 12 at 6:14 pm

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